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I recently visited Jules Enneking (59), a sculptor who has an atelier on the Oudegracht. The atelier is not large and full of artworks, paint buckets and carving tools. But that does not bother Jules, who prefers to work outside – “between the birds and the mulberry tree.”

It is a familiar noise to people who live in the neighborhood: the sound of chiselling, ticking and planing. It means Jules is working on his sculptures. “I discovered this passion during my youth, carving a piece of wood with a chisel. I always liked doing something creative with my hands.”

Although he has discovered his passion, Jules went to university to study Physiotherapy. “And it did not take long for me to quit,” he said. “I discovered that I wanted to do what I love, woodcarving. Before starting this atelier, I used to teach manual labor for a while. I liked teaching, but I was not planning to do it for very long.”

Nowadays, Jules could always be found in his beloved atelier on the Oudegracht, accompanied by his faithful dog (?). A popular area, which had a completely different atmosphere 30 years ago. “Back then, it had the atmosphere of a village. But I am still happy here, between the birds and the mulberry.” The Mulberry tree, of which Jules named his atelier, has grown for over 100 years. “And I am not planning to get rid of it,” Jules laughed.

Jules continues with his work, during our interview. “I am working on an assignment. I am making decorative puppets for a children’s theater. A few of them are already finished, but I need to make two more.”

How long does it take him to make one puppet? “It would probably take me two months until it is entirely perfect. But then I am also working on other small projects.”

Working on such a significant woodwork assignment brings good earnings. But in quieter times, Jules need to find an alternative source of income. “I just do some work here and there,” he said. “If it is enough to pay the bills, then I am satisfied. I don’t need much to live a happy life.”

Would you like to learn more about Jules’ atelier? Visit his website: www.demoerbei.info

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