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Work it: 32 best flexible work spots for freelancers!

Are you a freelancer looking for a place to get some work done? The demand for flexible work spots is increasing, also in Utrecht! That’s why we’ve created this list of our favourite flexible work spots in Utrecht. From coffee places to free work spots and paid desks, there’s something for everyone!

Header photo by Elizabeth Verwey

Coffee places and cafés as flexible work spots

Utrecht has its fair share of nice coffee places and cafés, but not all of them are suitable for setting up shop with your laptop. These are our absolute favourites (with WiFi!) to get some work done.

1. The 5th

Where: City Centre

The 5th is the canteen for the Stayokay hostel. With its ideal location and view over the Neude it’s the perfect place to work. The WiFi is good and they have a special mug for the hard workers among us. For just  €7,50 you can refill the mug with unlimited amounts of tea or coffee.

Website | Neude 5

2. Broodnodig

Where: City Centre

Amazing locations on the Mariaplaats, Willemstraat and the Burgemeester Reigerstraat, which means they can also get quite busy. If you can drop by at a quieter moment, these are great spots to work at!

Website | Mariaplaats 49 | Burgemeester Reigerstraat 9 | Willemstraat 9

3. Louis Hartlooper Complex

Where: City Centre

Usually this is the spot where you go after a long hard day of work to relax and watch a movie. However, it’s also a nice quiet place to work! The café at the front of the building might not be a first choice, but in the back of the building you can find a restaurant shaped into the staircase. Here you can sit comfortably and quietly, with lots of natural lighting.

Website | Tolsteegbrug 1

4. Rocking Chair

Where: Tuinwijk

For cozy living room vibes you have to go to Rocking Chair. Apart from being a huge fan of their coffee and matcha latte, Rocking Chair is a delightful spot to work.

Facebook | Willem van Noortstraat 88

5. Koffie & Ik

Where: Lombok

Especially on weekdays when it’s nice and quiet, we can recommend this place. You won’t be the only one hiding behind a laptop. In the weekends the place gets flooded by young families and their kids, so you can forget about working calmly there. Best to avoid it for working in the weekends!

Website | Vleutenseweg 169


Where: Wittevrouwen

The ultimate place for great coffee and a great menu. It’s a cozy spot in Wittevrouwen, where you can get some work done quietly. If you’re working till late, you can even spend the night 😉

Website | Maliestraat 16


7. ‘T Koffieboontje

Where: City Centre and Vogelenbuurt

‘t Koffieboontje has two locations, one on the Oudegracht and one a little north in the Vogelenbuurt. The location on the Oudegracht is usually a little too busy to comfortably work, but the location on the Gruttersdijk is always nice and quiet. You can concentrate while you have a nice cup of coffee.

Website | Oudegracht 92 | Gruttersdijk 42

8. Camping Ganspoort

Where: Rotsoord

The newest addition to the Rotsoord is Camping Ganspoort. Spacious and with large windows, which provide a good amount of daylight. You’re also treated to a nice view of the Vaartsche Rijn. If you really like it here you can even rent your own desk upstairs.

Website | Helling 87

9. Guusjes

Where: Vogelenbuurt

With all its vintage trinkets, Guusjes feels like you’re spending the afternoon at your grandma’s house. In the best way possible! After working you can always stick around for a beer, wine or even boardgames.

Website | Van ‘s-Gravesandestraat 27

10. 30 ML

Where: City Centre

After closing down their spot at the Mariaplaats, 30ML opened their new location on the Vredenburg. The coffee is just as good as we remember, but the location itself is much bigger and more spacious. Perfect for working! The only downside: the amount of power plugs is sparse and the quality of the WiFi isn’t always the best.

Website | Vredenburg 23

11. Het Koffiehuis

Where: Utrecht Central Station

The perfect place if you have some time to spare at the station, if you’re on your way to a meeting for example! Climb up to the vide overlooking the Central Station and set yourself down at Het Koffiehuis. Apart from being a nice place to work, you can also drink good coffee here!

Facebook | Stationshal 6B

12. Broei

Where: Vaartsche Rijn

A calm spot at the South end of the city. Take a step outside and you’ll be right at the Vaartsche Rijn! Stick around after work for the (completely vegetarian!) menu.

Website | Oosterkade 24

13. Speys

Where: Jaarbeurs

Close to the station and perfect if you want to end a workday with a movie night at Kinepolis: Speys! This newcomer is the ideal spot to get some work done during the day.

Website | Veemarktstraat 50

14. Gys

Where: City Centre and Amsterdamsestraatweg

Of Gys’s two locations, the one on the Amsterdamsestraatweg is my absolute favourite (and not just because it’s right around the corner from my house!). The WiFi is good, during the day it’s nice and quiet, and the big windows make sure you have a lot of daylight to work with. The coffee (and the rest of their delicious menu!) is a great reason to stick around after closing up your laptop for the day.

Website | Voorstraat 77 | Amsterdamsestraatweg 113


Free flexible work spots

Most of these flexible work spots aren’t strictly speaking free, but you can work there in exchange for ‘social capital’. This means you have to be open to sharing knowledge and meeting new connections. As a freelancer this is more of a gift than a burden! See it as a chance to expand your network.

15. The Central Library / De Centrale Bibliotheek

Where: City Centre

It’s still going to be a long wait before the library moves to the old postoffice on the Neude, but until that time this is still a nice and quiet (and completely free!) flexible work spot. There’s even a small café if you get thirsty!

Website | Oudegracht 167

16. Seats2Meet

Where: Hoog Catharijne

The standard when it comes to work spots in exchange for social capital (they coined the term!). It’s always quite busy, so don’t forget to book your spot through their website.

Website | Moreelsepark 65

17. Social Impact Factory

Where: City Centre

With its large windows, the Social Impact Factory is a nice and light flexible work spot. The location is perfect, with both the station and the city centre within walking distance. An increasing amount of freelancers have discovered this gem, which means that sometimes it can get so busy there’s only spots available at the kitchen table.

Website | Vredenburg 40

18. Stadshuisje

Where: City Centre

Who wouldn’t want to work in this cute little house, built in the 16th century? A monumental building in the middle of the city with a very cute in house Dalmatian to cuddle with!

Website | Schalkwijkstraat 8

19. Het Huis

Where: 1e Daalsebuurt

You might know het Huis as a breeding ground for young talent in theater, but did you know you it’s also a nice place to work? They opened up their upstairs and downstairs foyer for you to work in. In the summer you can even check out their garden, a true city oasis.

Website | Boorstraat 107

20. Igluu

Where: City Centre

You can book Igluu for free for your first time through Seats2Meet, if you enjoy it you can rent a paid desk from there after. Its interior decor is very modern and ideal for concentrating and getting work done. Need some more inspiration? You only have to walk out the door to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Website | Jansdam 2A

21. Meeting Plaza

Where: Hoog Catharijne

The lesser known sister of Seats2Meet. Often a little quieter but just as centrally located and a nice place to work. You can walk straight into the station from the Meeting Plaza, which is ideal if you have to catch a train to another meeting.

Website | Godebaldkwartier 20

22. ANNE

Where: Jaarbeurs

Anne is essentially all about sustainable and energy-neutral living, which they also carry out by opening up their office to freelancers. If you’re looking for an inspirational location for a meeting, you can also rent the Rabo Groenhuis. A nice example of energy-neutral living (it’s a tiny house!), across from the Rabobank building.

Website | Veemarktplein 42-44


Paid flexible work spots and desks

After a while you might want a little more peace and quiet or just a steady place to work. Then it might be time to chose a paid flexible work spot!

23. Hashtag Workmode

Where: City Centre

Yet to open (in december), but already legendary! This Instagram-worthy flexible work spot flew over from Amsterdam, where it was a huge succes with #girlbosses. You can rent a desk for a few days or a full week.

Website | Brigittenstraat 22

24. Tribes

Where: Utrecht Central Station

Classy with a price tag. You can pick different plans for your flexible work spot at Tribes based on the size of the area you want to work in. You can pick your favourite locations, all locations in your own country, continent  or the whole world! However, Tribes only offers locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany so far. So we have no clue what the difference would be between the continent or world plan (except the monthly extra fee of €100,-).

Website | Leidseveer 2

25. WERF5

Where: City Centre

Working in one of the wharf cellars: it sounds good and looks good as well! As a true Utrechter you’d need to work at the Oudegracht right? Bonus: in the summer you can take to the canals with their in-home kayak named Karel!

Website | Oudegracht aan de Werf 5

26. Jaarbeurs Meetup

Where: Jaarbeurs

An office in the Jaarbeurs? It’s possible! You can even rent the flexibel work spots at the Jaarbeurs for just a day or part of a day, but this is a little on the pricier side.

Website | Jaarbeursplein 6A

27. In de Ruimte

Where: City Centre

This flexible work spot can also be found in a wharf cellar on the Oudegracht. Apart from flexible working, there’s also a lot of fun events and workshops organised at In de Ruimte. There’s different payment options to pay for your flexible work spot at In de Ruimte. Low on cash? You can also contribute in a non-monetary way.

Website | Oudegracht 230

28. HNK

Where: Utrecht Central Station and West

HNK is a little different concept than the rest. You register at HNK to rent a flexible work spot, but after that you can work at any HNK location in the Netherlands! In Utrecht there’s two locations, where you can rent a flexible work spot per hour, part of a day or full day (after registration)

Website |  Arthur van Schendelstraat 650 | Weg der Verenigde Naties 1

29. De Stadstuin

Where: Kanaleneiland (and soon also in the City Centre)

At the Stadstuin you can do everything: work, eat, drink and just chill! Ideal for those of us who live on the South side of Utrecht. Although they’re also opening a second location soon on the Kromme Nieuwegracht!

Website | Europalaan 20

 30. Maliebaan 45

Where: East

Hooray! You can also find good flexible work spots in the Maliekwartier, and one of them is at Maliebaan 45! You can pick a quieter flexible work spot or find a place in their lively work café.

Website | Maliebaan 45

31. DAAR Utrecht

Where: Rotsoord

Large windows and an open space, DAAR is a dream with daylight. Quiet workspace with anything you need. You can choose a monthly plan or a set number of visits.

Website | Helling 150

32. UtrechtCo

Where: 2e Daalsebuurt

This new kid on the block has only recently opened, but already looks promising! An old train depot that was converted into a beautiful open workspace, with interesting element to work secludedly. UtrechtCo mostly aims for an audience of sustainable businesses.

Website | 2e Daalsedijk 6a

Did we miss your personal favourite flexible work spot? Let us know in the comments!

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