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The Malt Vault: whisky heaven on the Voorstraat

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Today I’ve got something really cool for you: something completely different. Not a place to head to every week and stay until deep into the night. Are you open to stepping out of your comfort zone? Then come to whisky heaven with me, right in the middle of our little city. Everyone is welcome in this nirvana, so it’s the ideal place to meet up for some serious conversation, or an evening without any 😉

Dimitri Verhulst ~ Whisky wast de wonde, / en de waanzin winkelt in je woorden.

‘Whisky washes the wound, / and the madness shakes in your words.’ 

Too much to drink

Saïd, the whisky connoisseur, is the perfect host. With a wealth of whisky knowledge and a dutiful nature, he’s the right guide for whisky newcomers. But relax, even if you’ve already throw back tons of whisky, at The Malt Vault you’ll find new pearls to make your eyes gimme.  At least after that first sip.

Against the wall behind the bar, there are four impressive plans full of bottles, as if you were walking into a small store. From top to bottom, and left to right, everything is skilfully categorised according to a genius system. With over 130 bottles of golden fire water, there’s always enough left for a next visit.

Take a flight

For first timers or even if you’ve had your fair share of whisky, I recommend ordering a flight. Three glasses, and everything is possible. If you don’t know which bottle to pop open, Saïd knows which whisky will suit you flawlessly. Give him free reign, let him put you at ease, talk to him about what he’s seen in the world, and stimulate your senses. You won’t forget this trip any time soon. I’ve already booked another!

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Address: Oudegracht 54 A/D (new location) | WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

Images by the Malt Vault