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The Culinary Top – Gault&Millau Restaurants Utrecht

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Every year in December the Gault&Millau Awards and points are handed out. Together with the Michelin stars, it is one of the most prestigious gastronomic awards there is. Started by two gentlemen in the 1960s, as a guide to the best restaurants in Paris, allowing Parisians to choose their reservations carefully. Today, Gault&Millau awards points (rating) and chef’s hats (appreciation) to restaurants of the highest culinary standard. Where should we be in Utrecht for the best restaurants? We are proud of these listings! Here are some of the prize winners, with quotes from the experts of the Gault&Millau guide. And oh, click on the link to see what we wrote about the restaurant earlier. 

In the city:

SAAR, 13/20 **
“This cozy neighborhood tavern is right on the edge of the center on the stately Catharijnesingel. The kitchen produces very tasty Spanish dishes that are much more original than the standard tapas.”

Florent 12/20 *
“Chef Milos de Wolf brings this brasserie setting to life with bistro dishes with which he surprises in an idiosyncratic way.”

Simple  13.5/20 **
“Right next to the Dom tower, chef Rick Gresnigt is giving shape to a kitchen style that wants to surprise with lesser-known flavours and structures. For this, he chooses both classic and contemporary techniques.”

Karel V  15.5/20 ***
“All parts of a visit to Karel 5 are impressive in their own way. From the monumental entrance to the passionate stories and masterful wines of maître Johan Kragtwijk and his brigade. And yet you would almost forget everything as soon as you experience the mastery on the plate.”

Fico 13/20 **
“The hip and young Fico offers special menus in an architectural masterpiece. Each dish surprises the guest with striking combinations and subtle flavours.”

Noir 13/20 **
“Restaurant Noir is located in the atmospheric Utrecht Museumkwartier. Here they serve no nonsense bistro dishes in a relaxed setting, which resembles a classic jazz bar.”

In the province:

HFSLG  14.5/20 **, Bosch and Duin
“An evening at HFSLG is a warm welcome in classic surroundings. This is reflected on the plate, with dishes that have a solid foundation in the French tradition. The chef knows his classics and dares to opt for distinct flavours and contemporary influences.”

Céline  14/20 **, Nieuwegein
“You are safe in this new restaurant, located in a fortress surrounded by water. Once you have crossed the bridge, you will have a very special meal here. All our dishes had something of their own and were of very good quality.”

Hex  13/20 **, Oudewater
“This heart-warming restaurant is located on a charming market square in the charming village of Oudewater. Chef and owner Paul Janmaat knows his classics and knows how to translate them with taste into fine dishes such as the lukewarm salmon with Dutch shrimps, herbal salad and excellent Hollandaise sauce.”

De Zusters 14/20 **, Doornburgh

“This restaurant puts a dot on the horizon for a new, sustainable way of eating. Spectacular newcomer with two chef’s hats!”

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