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Spaghetteria – pastabar on the Wittevrouwensingel

Standing outside a restaurant waiting for a spot.. Would you do this?

If you go to a restaurant and there’s a line in front, that’s a sign that they serve good food. And if I have the time and I’m not too hungry I usually join the long line. This is what I did recently at Spaghetteria, at the corner of the Biltstraat and Wittevrouwensingel.

Spaghetteria: join the table for fresh made pasta

According to the principle if you do something, do it well, Spaghetteria serves the most delicious freshly made pastas. Sit down at one of the large tables in the middle of the restaurant or at the windows seats next to other restaurant guests. There’s an open vibe, which means that when your table companion leaves for the toilet, you just have a talk with your neighbour. You can talk about his favourite pasta for example.

Select choice

You can choose from six pastas that all sound super nice and comforting. I chose the pasta vongole, my favourite. And my partner chose the pasta ragut, my other favourite :). The pasta was perfectly cooked and seasoned and I was actually sad when I finished my plate. Spaghetteria has a small wine menu, and the enthusiastic waiters will tell you which wine will compliment your pasta. Obviously we had to finish with a delicious bowl of tiramisu, which we had to share, as I could never have eaten it all on my own. And since we were already in an Italian mood we ordered a limoncello and espresso as well.

Dining at Spaghetteria with a large group might be inconvenient, and if you are looking for a romantic evening with candlelight for two you should go elsewhere. But Spaghetteria is perfect for an energetic start of a pleasant evening out in Utrecht.

Address: Wittevrouwensingel 44
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Photo’s by Lisa

Text by Lotte van der Spek

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