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Slow Coffee on the Westerkade | Utrecht

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Brauhaus coffeefilter-bar of Utrecht

The men behind ‘Koffie Leute’ parked their mobile coffee bar for a while, which they travel with from festival to festival, to work on their Brauhaus on the Westerkade. The Brauhaus is part of a hub of creative people called DRUK. After months of hard work ‘Brauhaus’ opened its doors in February for all coffee lovers in Utrecht and surroundings. Brauhaus is a hit from the beginning. Coffee-lovers have been dropping by, by the busload for slow coffee at the Westerkade.

Not only coffee

The Brauhaus has more to offer than just filter coffee. For tea lovers among us, there is also an excellent tea collection, with flavors such as Russian black tea. And of course they have enough juices in stock. There are enough baked goods for the sweet-tooth to choose from on the counter. Sunday is French toast day, the sweet scent lures you from the beginning of the Westerkade to Brauhaus. So enough reasons to visit the Westerkade.

Your 2nd living room on the Westerkade

The kitchen slash living room concept of the Brauhaus is a success. While visitors take a seat in the beautifully decorated living room, the guys start working on their order. The living room has a hip and homey feel. The bright blue wallpaper, opposite the wooden brown floor and colorful rugs gives it a fresh look. The bookcase is well stocked and the games are provided for all visitors. You can also work at the Brauhaus, the coffee is plentiful. You can even play a game on the vintage Nintendo.

See you at the Westerkade!

Address: Westerkade 30
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 Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning