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Apparently the period we are now in is called high summer, but after the last weeks we can all confirm that the Dutch weather sometimes has different ideas about that than we do. I’m happy I didn’t train too hard for a bikini body this year…

But there’s nothing more annoying than people who complain, so don’t worry, I’m not headed that way. Because weather or no weather, every year I start to get an itch around this time of year. The new collections are coming into the stores, the flyers are flying into my mailbox, and my bank card burns in my pocket… I want shopping, and good shopping!

Really, I hope for an Indian summer that will last until at least the end of October, but my closet is screaming for woolly skirts, warm sweaters, bodysuits with cool prints, and don’t forget those boots with precisely the right heel length. So forget those leftover sale items, there’s a reason they’re still hanging there!

Now you can of course do well in Amersfoort in the Langestraat at the well-known chains, but if you feel like wandering off the beaten path, then I’ve got a few recommendations for you. I bet you’ll be fall-proof in no time, and then feel free to hang out in your bikini for a bit of sun.


Fashion and lifestyle with all the hip brands under one roof. Think beautiful basics, quality, and if you’re going for the minimalistic look then this is the place for you. It’s a party to shop there thanks to the knowledgeable and super-friendly staff! Reuring

Arthur & Willemijn

Don’t be misled by the shelves that can sometimes look a bit old-fashioned, because every season you’ll find gorgeous, timeless items that just might become your favorite of the moment. Already nominated as store of the year a few times, and I get it! If you’re not sure yet what your fall look with be, they also offer a styling service. Arthur & Willemijn

Las Lunas

Could your wardrobe use a touch of Ibiza? Then Las Lunas is the place for you. This is the place to be for real eye-catchers and the latest trends. Blouses with unusual prints, the perfect flared pants, and don’t forget the accessories! Las Lunas

Liberty – A state of mind

If you, like me, are crazy about minimalistic Scandinavian brands, then you need to check out Liberty – A State of Mind. You can make an appointment with one of the sales women, and they’ll make sure you have a selection in your size. Besides clothing, you can also do well on the Kortegracht for interior, and all of that while enjoying a delicious coffee. I like! Liberty


Are you like me in that you like to make conscious choices? You’ll find the whole package at Blur! From delicious homemade treats to beautiful clothing and I mean, shopping combined with a yummy cappuccino and waffle is the perfect way to work on your fall wardrobe, right? We’re lucky that bikini season is over… Blur

I bet your wardrobe will be totally up-to-date after his round, and about your burning credit card… don’t blame the messenger! And if you, like me, are nowhere near done exploring the Keistad, then check out www.rockthiscity.nl for your daily dose of Amersfoort!

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