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Sea Salt Saloon, located at ‘t Wed for the best seafood in Utrecht

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A little bit hidden from the main tourist commotion yet still superbly central as located on Wed 3, only a few meters away from the Domkerk, you will find the recently opened fish bistro called Sea Salt Saloon. As the name of the bistro suggests, this restaurant is for sea food lovers mostly. Their menu does not offer anything else than what can be caught in the sea. Seasonal and sustainable fishing that is.

Seafood only menu

Sea Salt Saloon is open for lunch and  dinner. You can order from their fixed menu that offers a variety of seafood dishes from fried bites to a whole lobster, from fish soup to tuna steak. There are meals to share and a few vegetarian options and salads too. A number of breads and sandwich dishes are added to the menu to accommodate lunch.

Our all-time favorite is a mix of bites served on a board. Everything is well balanced and seasoned to perfection. We washed the crab salad, smoked salmon on brioche, shrimp croquette and palling with delicious Cava sparkling wine. Standardly, the restaurant offers a selection of fresh oysters from various regions too. I tried the Irish and Dutch ones and was not disappointed. There are only two dessert options on the menu – chocolate mousse and cardamom crème, but believe me, both are equally delicious.

Not just a fish bistro

The interior won’t leave you in doubt what the main theme of this restaurant is either. The walls are covered with a print resembling fish skin on one side, print looking like a fishnet on the other. Miniatures of boats and sea maps everywhere are completing the décor. The bar displays fresh lobster and crab while you can see the chefs working on your meals behind it. The service is friendly and attentive. Overall, if you are a fish lover, you won’t be disappointed.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=”500″]Adres Sea Salt Saloon – Wed 3 3512 JH Utrecht Opening hours: Monday from 16.00 Tuesday until Sunday from 12.00[/box]

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Review written by: Michaela van New Life Beginning