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Rabarber – Petit Cafè on the Zadelstraat

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During the weekend I love to go shopping at one of my favorite streets in Utrecht, Zadelstraat. It probably is the most photographed street in Utrecht, because of the great view of the Dom Tower. But why is the Zadelstraat one of my faves? In addition to the nice clothes and interior design shops and bakery Theo Bailey. For an afternoon of “homemade lemonade ‘ sipping at Rabarber (rhubarb).

Tastoe, the living room of the Zadelstraat is a thing of the past, now we have petit cafè Rabarber. Sad? Well, no because Rabarner is great! A fresh new interior with tiles on the wall, wooden tables and chairs. A display case full of goodies that call your name. Play games, pub quizzes, art exhibitions or to enjoy a live performance by a Singer-Songwriter. It’s all possible at Petit Cafè Rabarber.

Tuesday is the bake day and so the Café is packed with savory and sweet baked goods. My favorite: cheesecake with extra caramel sauce. But the other cakes I can also recommend. And you can order breakfast all day at Rabarber. Yes, just because you can!

So..! What are you guy waiting for?

Address: Zadelstraat 20
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Photo’s by Michaela from the new life beginning