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Pizza at Bastacosi

From several people I heard that the best pizza of Utrecht is served at Bastacosi. So I decided that I needed to try the pizza myself. I’m always looking for that special food experience. After a long week of hard work, I don’t want to go grocery shopping or even think about cooking. And what’s better than to usher in the weekend with a delicious pizza?

So, I jumped on my bike and biked to Bastacosi located at the Jan van Scorelstraat, right behind the Wilhelmina park. I was expecting a take-away pizzeria with some plastic tables where you can also eat. But no, the restaurant is nicely decorated! Wooden tables and benches can accommodate about 40/50 guests. But you can also pick up a pizza and wait at the bar with a view of the large pizza oven. The guests vary from families with children to groups of students, friends and yuppy couples.

The concept is simple: you order your pizza and drinks at the counter, grab your own soft drinks and beer from the fridge. There is enough choice of tasty wines that the crew pours at the table. You can share a table at the restaurants but there are also tables for two. The pizzas are graciously covered and have a thin but very crunchy crust. Exactly the way I like my pizza! I ordered the Pizza di Sole, with corn salad, carpaccio, parmesan, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Molto gustosa! I know where I need to go when I get an instant craving for pizza. The next time I stop by Bastacosi I just might take away the pizza and have a picnic in the park, this is if the weather is good.

Address: Jan van Scrolestraat 28

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Text by Lotte van der Spek

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