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heavenly lunch, high up in the air at the Watertoren

There’s those days that I feel so privileged. On this sunny Sunday afternoon I feel extraordinarily special. After a barren bike ride through the cold winter wind gusts, I park my bike at the base of the water tower. Three kisses for my friend and we ring the doorbell. A friendly voice greets us and the front door swings open. We arrive in the downstairs café, which you can rent out for parties. What a great location! We can pick if we want to take the stairs or the elevator up to the 10th floor. We pick the second option; lazy sunday!

Great heights

In 2015 my blogger bestie Daina already wrote a piece about WT Urban Kitchen. She wrote that it was a high level experience. That’s WT, literally and figuratively! We know their dinner is amazing, but how is their lunch? When you’re welcomed with a stunning view, the sun shining through the windows and a glass of bubbly cava on the 10th floor, your Sunday afternoon lunch is off to a good start. A very good start.

Wine and dine

The first thing to arrive to our table is the pureed eggplant with dried tuna flakes. What an appetizer! The ladies that serve us tell us what dishes we can find on their beautiful tableware, with great enthusiasm. And of course we want to try a fitting wine with every course. You’re allowed to do that during a Sunday lunch, right? Their explanations of the wine combinations are exquisite, ask for them.

Enjoying all courses

Our first dish is a beautiful plate of gurnard, crispy chicken skin and jalapeño, with a sauce of green cabbage. A glass of fresh and fruity Austrian wine is served with it. What a delicious combination. The second wine we get to try is served with the garlic, pumpkin and sweet potato soup. This dish is poured at the table with much enthusiasm. The scent alone!

Skrei is a type of cod, our servers explain to us, that we get served with risotto, pulpo and bisque. My glass is filled with a fragrant wine, again perfectly fitting with the dish. I take a good look around me, at the Dom tower, and feel so happy. We’re savouring the experience and our city. This happiness is topped with a dessert, that looks like we could find it in a museum rather than on a plate. What a piece of art! Blood orange, white chocolate, saffron, cinnamon…

I immediately book a table for lunch on my birthday. The diner is sought after, but the waiting period is more than worth it. But why wait if you can also have an amazing lunch on Thursday till Sunda? The view, the staff and the food. And let’s not forget the wines. Chapeau chef and bravo service staff. We’ve had a heavenly lunch, high up in the air.

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