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Leidsche Rijn: the newest spots listed


A lot is happening in Leidsche Rijn and I start to feel a bit ashamed that I have never cycled over the yellow bridge. Its about time I biked to Leidsche Rijn to visit the new hotspots. You cycle from the center of Utrecht to the center of Leidsche Rijn in twenty minutes. Are you less sporty? You can also take the train from Utrecht Central in just four minutes you arrive in Leidsche Rijn. What spots did I visit? I listed them all for you in this blog post.

Venster bij Raum

Lets start at number 1, Window at Raum! If you do not like the new buildings and centre of Leidsche Rijn, maybe this spot is something for you. Venster is located a bit out of the centre and has special art projects on display in the public exhibition space Raum. Venster has a daily changing menu where mainly local products are used for the dishes. Venster is open from Wednesday until Sunday from 11:30.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn| Berlijnplein 520 | Venster Utrecht

Wijnbar Most

I love wine bars! Unfortunately wine bars are a bit to expensive for me and so I do not visit very often. At winbaar Most you can tab your own wine and chose the size of your glas. This can be a tasting glas, a full glas or a full glas. So you can make as expensive as you want. It is also the best way to taste some of those expensive wines. Wine bar Most opens at 12.00, seven days a week.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn| Brusselplein 191 | Wijnbar Most

Alan & Pim’s

As soon as you arrive at the Brusselplein you walk towards the smell of roasted chicken. Yum! And who doesn’t like roasted chicken? Alan & Pim’s is a known one-disco restaurant from Amsterdam. And know they have opened doors in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. Chicken at Alan & Pim’s is spiced three different ways: natural, Provençals, BBG and Chimichurri. You can eat chicken seven days of the week if you want. Doors open at 11:00 until 21:30.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn| Brusselplein 11 | Alan en Pims utrecht

Bar Iberico

Bar Iberico is like a piece of Spain in the centre of Leidsche Rijn. At Iberico you can enjoy warm authentic Spanish sandwiches or an extensive platter with – of course – Iberico ham. In the evening you can eat extensive tapas. And let’s be honest: a (city) centre is not complete without a tapas bar.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn| Brusselplein 1 | Bar Iberico


I stayed at the Brusselplein for a while because there is another spot to visit here. And that is: Kavos, a Greek restaurant and wine bar. Kavos is not like your typical Greek restaurant, the interior is totally different. The interior is stylish and warm. And you won’t be getting big dishes full of meat serviced at the table. Kavos give it all a more minimalistic and stylish touch. Kavos is open seven days a week 11:30 until 21:30.

Leidsche Rijn| Brusselplein 5 | Winebar Kavos

Ma Bella Cake Café

Located on Parijsboulevard in Leidsche Rijn you will find Ma Bella Cake Café. At the Ma Bella Cake you can have breakfast from 10:00. But they also serve lunch such as salads, sandwiches, tosti’s, panini’s and of course pancakes! Ma Bella Cake Café is also a good spot for high tea.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn | Parijsboulevard 34


I know 30ML from the Vredenburg and the Zadelstraat but the cafe also opened its doors in Leidsche Rijn. Here you can choose your kind of beans: Brazilian or Mexican beans when I visited. And they will make a nice coffee for you. I was happy to see the ‘All Day Breakfast’ menu. They have eggs benedict, and this is my favorite.

Utrecht Leidsche Rijn| Grauwaartsingel 370 | 30ml Leidsche Rijn

[author title=”Contribution by Sharmaine” image=”https://www.exploreutrecht.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/profiel_Sharmaine.jpg”]Sharmaine is a freelance journalist, writer and photographer with a great passion for Utrecht. Raised in the Burgundian Zeeuws-Vlaanderen where she worked for years in the hospitality industry. Went to the hotel school in Bruges and then went to the beautiful Austria to live and work. After two years it was time for another country and so she left for Australia with her boyfriend. There, Sharmaine discovered her love for photography and decided to further develop this at the University for Journalism in Utrecht. During her studies she got to know the city better and became interested in the rich history of Utrecht. She has been living in the center for 5 years. She prefers to search for unusual shops, boutiques and restaurants that few people know.[/author]