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The Mother Goose is a gorgeous boutique hotel located right in the heart of Utrecht. The hotel is surrounded by plenty of restaurants, cafés, coffee houses, squares, and pretty boutiques. The Oudegracht is only a five-minute walk away, so you can set sail and get to know the canals and the unique wharf cellars. We got to spend a weekend under Mother Goose’s wings, and so we enjoyed two days living as tourists in our own city.

From squatter’s building to Design Hotel

The Mother Goose Hotel’s building, which was once in the hands of squatters, has found its charm again. The traces of years of neglect have been erased and have given way to a beautiful design hotel. A gorgeous wooden staircase leads you from the reception on the ground floor all the way up to the attic rooms, where a beautiful view of the city awaits you. All of the rooms on the Ganzenmarkt side look out onto the stadhuisplein (city hall square) and, of course, the pride of the city: the Dom tower. The suites even have a bath by the window, so you can thoroughly enjoy yourself with a gorgeous view.

The rooms on every floor are decorated according to a different colour: brown, gray, white, and black. Morpheus, a stylish bed store on the Oudkerkhof, is responsible for the styling of the rooms. Mother Goose Hotel has a distinct interior, with tough, edgy elements here and there. Attention has been paid to the smallest of details, including the accessories and the chic bath products. Everything works!

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Breakfast at Daen’s

The hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, but it’s a short walk away to have breakfast at Daen’s. The reception gives you a voucher that you can use for breakfast at the café of this lovely concept store. You can choose between an extensive, warm, or simple healthy breakfast with fruit and muesli. After breakfast, you can then go shopping at Daen’s – beside the café they’ve got a cool store with a gorgeous collection of clothing, jewellery, and perfumes.

Staycation at Mother Goose Hotel

For our stay, we chose one of the grey rooms. After the warm reception, we were given the hefty key to our room, and it was time to enjoy. The cool, edgy room was fantastic, with a colour palette of different shades of grey, a big window, a cosy sitting corner, and of course a bath with a view on the Dom tower. We didn’t want to leave the room, as it seemed like a shame! But our adventures couldn’t wait, and so we got on up and went into the city. Explore Utrecht!

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Weekend stay in Utrecht

Treat yourself to a room in this gorgeous hotel. We already have a few suggestions for your stay, so you don’t have to wander through the city for too long or get lost, and that way you can enjoy your room for longer.

In the neighbourhood

Head to the Koekfabriek at the end of Telingstraat, where you can get a delicious coffee and a cookie. The Koekfabriek is a cool concept that offers working space to people with learning disabilities, and they make the best cookies in the city. You can choose between different kinds of cookies, and you can also pack them up and bring them home for coffee later.

Also check out Savanah Bay, a bookstore where you’ll find a good collection of books sure to inspire you, ranging from cookbooks to romance. Don’t miss the lovely presents. Savanah Bay | Telingstraat 13

Get your shopping done at Bern, a boutique on Schoutenstraat. If you’re looking for a beautiful interior accessory, then head to Livetoday, where you can also buy presents for someone else, or of course for yourself.

Going out

Concours on Biltstraat is a household name in a new package. The restaurant that was for sale for years has been taken over by the chef and his wife, who are now fulfilling their dream. In the open kitchen, the chefs free-style with daily fresh produce, thus making the most delicious dishes. You don’t get a menu in this restaurant, so take a seat, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy. Concours | Bilstraat 23

For Eastern-style food, check out Badhu, an old bathhouse that’s been transformed into a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy Mezze. These are little dishes that you can share, so that you can enjoy an extensive dinner of all of the goodies made in the kitchen. You can also chill outside on the terrace with a cup of ginger tea and let the hustle and bustle of the city pass you by. Badhu | Willem van Noortplein 19 (Closed)

Dom Under is a discovery tour under Domplein. You get to discover the real Utrecht, the old city built on the ruins of cities past. Every layer has its own story and has contributed to the city that we know now. Of course you can also climb the Domtoren. Check out our report on both adventures.

Ganzenmarkt 26 | Picture’s by Susanne Sterkenburg

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