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Hotel Beijers | Overnight stay in a boutique hotel in the heart of Utrecht

Boutique antique hotel Beijers is located in the shadow of the Dom tower and around the corner of the Sint-Pieterskerk. This unique hotel is part of Utrecht City Hotels, which also operates the Mother Goose Hotel and Court Hotel. At Hotel Beijers, guests spend the night in a special 17th-century city palace with a colourful past and interior. I was invited to stay at Hotel Beijers, in the heart of Utrecht, for a test night. How I experienced the overnight stay, I share with you in this article.

Hotel Beijers colourful past and a unique interior

The interior of Hotel Beijers was in the hands of antique dealer and monument lover Bert Degenaar. Perhaps the name sounds familiar to viewers of the TV show ‘Of inestimable value’ (Van onschatbare waarde). The interior of Hotel Beijers consists of special antique items that Bert Degenaar has collected over the years. Each room is decorated with matching antique pieces that match the theme and colour of the room.

Hotel Beijers was built in 1642 as a city palace. After a few years the house became a school and shelter for poor children, known as the Haveloozenschool. On the first floor there is a school bench from that time. In recent years, companies were located in the building, after which the building was eventually transformed into a colourful hotel with a unique interior. 

Bedrooms where color splashes of the wall splashes and antique decorates

I was invited to spend the night in the spacious, beautiful pink and blue room. When I opened the door I fell in love with the space. The room was spacious with a separate toilet and bathroom. The colors splattered from the walls. The toilet was soft pink. The bathroom with a large shower and dressing table soft blue. The room itself is painted in a beautiful deep pink color. These beautiful colors combined with some antique pieces, such as bedside tables, table, chairs and an armchair gave the room a luxurious look.

In the comfortable armchair I sat down with a book to end the day and relax. The spacious room you can move freely, it feels like a house instead of a hotel room. On the bedside table was a nice and old cup and saucer. Perfect for an afternoon tea. In the thick blankets and pillows on the bed you can disappear and get up well rested the next day. 

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Breakfast delivered to the door

Hotel Beijers itself does not have a breakfast room or restaurant, but with the city centre at your feet as soon as you get out of the door, that is not necessary either. At check-in I could indicate what I wanted for breakfast and at what time I wanted to have breakfast. Punctually at 9.00 am the hostess of Hotel Beijers was at my door with a well-stocked basket. From the basket we got croissants, jam and butter, chocolate pies, slices of bread, fillings, boiled eggs, bottles of orange juice and yoghurt with granola. It was a party! We could make coffee and tea in the room. After we had made some tea it was time to enjoy breakfast and the beautiful room. I liked the fact that you have to check out at Hotel Beijers at 12.00 and so you can still enjoy your stay for awhile longer.


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Address Hotel Beijers
Achter Sint-Pieter 140, 3512 HT Utrecht
T. +31 30 3036 399
E. welcome@hotelbeijers.com
Book a room via: www.hotelbeijers.com


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