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Foodie’s hotspots in Amersfoort

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Attention Foodies! Are you looking for a special ingredient for Christmas dinner or just on your usual quest for something scrumptious? Make your way to Amersfoort! In this lovely city, you will find many great delis, cafes and restaurants, where you can indulge your ‘inner gourmand’. We have done our homework – these are the places to go:

For the best bread in town, you should go to Bakkerij Boersma (founded in 1921), located on the beautiful Zuidsingel. They make their bread using only natural ingredients and without added preservatives. They even grind the grains themselves. How awesome is that? Do you want to try something new? Try the hearty black bread, fresh from the oven!

Cheese is the next item on our list. We sampled this ab-so-lute-ly-di-vine truffle cheese at Liefde & Ambacht, a hidden gem in the small but picturesque Muurhuizen. In this small cheese shop, the young owner sells mostly Dutch cheeses, such as caramelized cheese from Twente and many types of organic cheeses made by local farmers.

Craving for a hearty and delicious snack? How about some fries at the Vlaams Friethuis Van Gogh, which is famous for their Flemish style specialties. French fries with mayonnaise? Yes, please! And with some Limburg style beef stew on the side! They also have many varieties of croquettes. Beside their classic Dutch croquette, you should also try the ones, filled with a combination of spinach and goat cheese, shrimp or wild boar (our favorite!).

The next stop is the butcher shop, for some cured sausages and venison. The scharrelslagerij Diekerhof is a free-range butcher shop where you can get high-quality organic meat. We really recommend their specialty, smoked meat. They also have a great selection of wines in their shop.

Or how about some exotic beers? Amersfoort’s one and only Bierwinkel Hop has a broad selection of beers, from the classic Belgian brews to their own label of craft beers. Even if you were not a beer drinker, they’d still impress you with the arty labels on the beer bottles. Why not buy them as a present for the connoisseur in your circle?

Surprise someone with a cute present (and delectable desserts) from the Sweet Sisters chocolate shop. Here, you’ll find all kinds of chocolates, made by small-scale producers, in the most beautiful packaging designs that are almost too pretty to open! Don’t forget to sample their chocolate bonbons and pralines, which are also very delicious.

Tastes better, together
What makes food shopping in Amersfoort so special is the stories behind local businesses and that many of them work together to make the best tasting delicacies for their customers. For example, the croquette from the Vlaamse Friethuis is made of the breadcrumbs from the town’s baker, filled with ragú made of wild boar meat from the local butcher. The food tastes so good because the business owners can source the ingredients locally. Now you know how Amersfoort found its way to our heart – it’s through our stomach ♥