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Food delivery in Utrecht : 5 delivery services to keep at hand

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Honesty, sometimes we’d rather be lazy than tired, right? Especially after a long and busy working day, but also on a rainy, lazy Sunday. Most people are not averse to having something tasty delivered. That’s why we wrote this list with 5 x food in Utrecht.

Beautiful Utrecht is rich with numerous restaurants and fine dining spots.  And where there is food, is usually also a delivery option. Useful if you don’t feel like cooking, but you want something tasty on your plate. Do you want to cook, but do not want to go shopping? Also then we have a number of options.

1. FreshMeals Utrecht

You don’t feel like cooking, and rather not get fast food. FreshMeals Utrecht got your back! This Utrecht concept provides healthy and fresh meals at home. On the site are a lot of delicious meals to choose from. You will receive the chosen meal chilled and you can heat it in the oven or microwave. To avoid ambiguity, there are instructions on each tray. Handy!

2. Picnic Utrecht

Picnic has been making life a lot easier for many households for a few years now. Because shopping at home: it couldn’t be easier. A golden concept if you ask me. You download the app and depending on where you live, you are put on the waiting list. Once registered, the fun can begin! No more rushing to the supermarket, lots of offers and free home delivery.

3: Thuisbezorgd Utrecht

Thuisbezorgd.nl is one of the best-known delivery services in our country. It is the to go site of many of us, because many restaurants are connected. You enter your zip code, possibly also what you like, and voilà: all eating options at a glance.

4. Smulders Kookt Utrecht

Another fine delivery option for Utrecht is Smulders Kookt. Every day there are homemade dishes on the menu and wines! Orders must be received before midnight and you can also order in advance. Sustainability is high on the list of Smulders. That’s why they cook with high quality products, which they buy mainly from local entrepreneurs.

5. Rijna kookt

Rijna kookt is a caterer from Utrecht who delivers the most delicious dishes at home. She does this for special moments such as a birthday or a wedding. Do you have an event at work soon? Even then you can order at Rijna Kookt. Rijna cooks like no other and does this with a lot of love.

In addition, she has set up a great concept for new parents. With newly parents she makes things a lot easier for young parents by offering a meal service that focuses on healthy and tasty meals. But they also contribute to a faster recovery after delivery.

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