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EXbunker | Wilhelminapark

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Well, to tell the truth, I’ll only visit Wilhelminapark when the sun is shining. I’ll be sitting on the grass with my girls, drinking a sun-pre-heated bottle of white wine and eating lots of bites until we stumble back home. One day I was eating a box of sushi, whilst we were sitting amongst ducks, pigeons and other bird-riff-raff. I was daydreaming, staring at the beautiful pond, not noticing that a pigeon was going wild over the remaining speck of wasabi. He stung his little beak in there, tilled his little head back with a rapid movement and looked at us with big open eyes. Oh gosh, poor bird. He wobbled away, like pigeons do, screeching while disappearing into the distance. We think he might of died of spicy food. Yes, a very animal-unfriendly anecdote, I am aware of that. And surely there are more interesting things to explore in the park: EXbunker for example! So yes, I will elaborate on that.

I’m EXbunker in the Wilhelmina park. Each month I fill myself with inspiring art…

Maybe you have noticed that there are bunkers in Wilhelminapark? Or maybe you didn’t. I, for one, wasn’t aware of that fact before I discovered EXbunker. The bunker is a monument and located at the brim of the park. The design is very uncommon, so I have been told . It’s build in 1943, presumably meant as a command bunker. But today it is used as a exhibition space. Quite an original spot, isn’t it? The bunker is open every weekend from 13:00h ‘till 18:00h. Just take a walk through Wilhelminapark and end your stroll with some cultural icing on the cake!

  • De Troon by Lisa Exsteen – 6 January tot en met 28 January 2018
  • Le Chat Chaud, Le Cheval Capable et L’Humaine Stupid by Joost Elshot – 3 February tot en met 25 February 2018
  • Na 32 jaar by Tatjana Renkas – 3 March tot en met 1 April 2018

Be sure to pay a visit to EXbunker, where else will you find such an unique location? Practically nowhere. ‘Cause it is kind of hidden, but hey, that was the whole intention in the first place.

Address: Wilhelminapark 24a
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 until 18:00
Fun Fact: sometimes the artist will be at the EXbunker as a host.
More info on the EXbunker!