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Sustainable gifts in Utrecht: 5 special Utrecht based shops


Holidays and birthdays for me are all about family, good food and lots of love. Okay and gifts too! But my preference is always for special gifts with a beautiful story. Luckily there are a lot of sustainable gifts in Utrecht; the five best you can find in this blog.

The social box Utrecht

Let’s face it, by 2019, many people will no longer be able to do without their smartphones. It’s become so much more than a device to call. It’s a small computer, diary, photo camera and so much more. We are constantly online so we sometimes forget to be offline. While real life is really offline. And that’s exactly why I love the Socialbox.

A Socialbox? Yes, a sweet wooden box to store your smartphone in. And a product from Utrecht. The box is available in different versions. I’m mainly a fan of the Social box walnut, it’s very nice in color and because of the two candles it’s more like a luxury candle holder. The candles are available in different scents, very relaxing. In addition, the candle works as a good timer. The box without candle is again very nice and convenient for the office. Hello productivity!

The social box is specially designed to unwind from the online world. And to be in full contact with the people around you again. A valuable gift! Moreover, the company works with small-scale production. In this way, they can guarantee quality and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Brandt Utrecht

Brandt candles smell delicious and last 30% to 40% longer than paraffin candles. Maybe paraffin candles don’t mean anything to you, but chances are you have one in your house. Most candles are made of paraffin, a mixture of petroleum fractions and brown coal tar. And as you can already guess: unfortunately it is not sustainable. Brandt’s candles are because they are made of soy wax and they are vegan.

From candles to wicks and oils, to labels, inks, and packaging: at Brandt they choose the most sustainable options. That’s why this product couldn’t be missing from our list of sustainable gifts in Utrecht.  Brandt Utrecht works with different collections and has something for everyone. The pharmacy collection, wood collection, refill collection, nomad collection and wedding location all consist of fragrant candles to give as gifts.


Tas ceramics Utrecht

The name might be confusing because Tas (bag) ceramics have nothing to do with bags, but everything to do with ceramics. The bag of Tas Ceramics is an abbreviation for Natasja, the owner of the shop. A craftswoman in heart and soul as she describes herself.

All products are handmade and have a personal touch. Besides pots, cups, and plates of ceramics, you can also go to Tas Keramiek for workshops and courses. Each and every one of them sustainable gifts in Utrecht. If you have a little one, a parent and child workshop is definitely a must. Delicious with the offspring on Friday afternoon clay, casting, and glazing.

Utca’s Finest Utrecht

The brand Utca’s Finest exists since 2013 and is there for and by Utrecht inhabitants. Utca’s Finest a.k.a. the best of Utrecht was founded by two great ladies who are very proud of their city. They sell unisex shirts, sweaters, bags, and socks. They also have a very cool collection for kids.

The entire collection is recognizable by its cool design and characteristics such as the beloved Domtoren and the Utrecht area code 030. Also very nice to give as a gift are the beautiful paintings with a map of the city. Enough choice for everyone who loves Utrecht.

On top of all this, the products of Utca’s Finest are ethically responsible and sustainable. The company works with honest suppliers and invests in shrubs and trees. They also use 50% raw cotton and 50% recycled remaining raw materials.


Utrecht made

Last on our list of sustainable gifts in Utrecht is Utrecht Made. A platform that gathers all Utrecht makers and their products on their site. Very handy! The makers and their craft are always in the spotlight at Utrecht Made. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for art, literature, interior design or food and drink. That and much more can be found on the platform.

And in the shop, you can find a lot of beautiful local companies. The place you want to be if you’re looking for a sustainable gift made in Utrecht. Also very nice are the Utrecht Packages, a bag or box well filled with craft goods. You understand: we are fans!

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