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De Utrechtse Boekenbar, located at the Westerkade

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De Utrechtse Boekenbar: spot for coffee and inspiring cultural events

Utrecht loves books. The Dom city has presented itself as a candidate for the title of City of Literature. The city already has a ton of book shops and several gorgeous libraries. But until recently, one thing was still missing: a book bar. This changed in November 2017, when the Utrecht book bar officially opened its doors.

Say what?

Just outside the canal, on the Westerkade, you’ll come across the book bar’s modest canopy. The building is almost minimally furnished, but gets enough color from the cheery hues of the prominently displayed books. The idea of the book bar is very intelligent, and a real addition to the Utrecht city center. You can day dream with a book or meet other book enthusiasts with a good cup of coffee, and perhaps a delicious piece of cake.

I like big books and I cannot lie!

Tim is the initiator. He’s in his late twenties and was born and raised in Utrecht. With his huge love of books and Utrecht, he decided to combine the two. The concept of a book store that also served as a cultural meeting place seemed to him like a good addition to the city. And it certainly is. As soon as you walk into the book bar, you’re filled with a feeling of rest and relaxation. The bright book covers spark your imagination, and the cozy coffee bar is inviting. There’s something peaceful about seeing other people read and dream of another world while enjoying a cappuccino. It’s especially enjoyable now that summer is coming. If you’re lucky, you can use one of the three chairs outside and enjoy a new book in the sun with a view on the water.

Cultural hub

The Utrecht book bar wants to define itself as a cultural hub. The books on offer are mostly specialized in art, culture, and travel. In addition, special events are frequently organized at the Utrecht book bar. So there are often bundle and book presentations, symposiums, book clubs, and there will soon be a poetry walk through the streets of Utrecht.

The book bar is definitely recommended for everyone who loves books, culture, and delicious coffee.

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