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Black Brew located in Wijk C for music and good coffee

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Hidden on the edge of the city center located in the Willemstraat, you will find Black Brew coffee bar. Upon entering the bar, the stylish interior immediately catches your eye. The counter and the kitchen cabin both made of cork that complements the small wooden tables and metal chairs. The interior is hip, but not hipster. And when entering it feels familiar right away.

Headphones just for you

Music is important and that is especially noticeable in the listening and sitting area that is created in the front of Black Brew. The importance of music is also made clear in not too subtle words with a sign saying: if you think the music is too loud, you’re probably too old. But the music at Black Brew is not loud at all, it is more background music.

In terms of coffee Black Brew does not do any very special. So do not expect Chemex, Aeropress, or other special brewing methods. Just espresso and the corresponding variants. There is the Black Brew Syphon Coffee, a special pot of coffee made with a vacuum method.

Rock & Roll espresso

Unfortunately, we were unable to try the latter. Drinking a whole pot of coffee is a bit too much of a good thing. The espresso is tasty and I have nothing but praise for it. The foam is thick and espresso delicious in taste, not too bitter and not too sweet, almost perfect. If you would like something to eat with your coffee, then there is a great selection of cakes. No sandwiches, but tasty (vegan) cakes, banana bread, and various types of muffins.

Stroll around Wijk C

Black Brew is not in the middle of the city center, but if you want a nice cup of coffee, tea with something sweet it is certainly worth a visit. Even if it is only to explore Wijk C. For a long time this was one of the poorest districts of the city center and even now it is still a working-class neighborhood. In Wijk C you will find several churches, restaurants such as Spaghetteria and the main police station of the city of Utrecht.

Willemstraat 55
zaterdag – 11:00–17:00
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dinsdag – 09:00–17:00
woensdag – 09:00–17:00
donderdag – 09:00–17:00
vrijdag – 09:00–17:00

Header: Robert van Walsem – Follow Robert on Instagram
Article: Max van der Heijden