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Bij Daan: a shop that offers an experience

I recently visited the shop ‘Bij Daan’ in De Bilt. As soon as I stepped into the store I felt like I’d entered and oasis of calm and immediately felt completely zen. The spacious interior, but definitely the beautiful products as well, made the store feel like a complete experience. A shop full of knick knacks, each and every one of them a feast for the eyes. This is a shop where you can go to spoil yourself, but also find the best gifts.

Products with feeling

A lot of different kinds of products are sold here. Apart from clothing, you can also find tableware, jewelry and cute homeware. I was especially enthusiastic about the wonderful postcards and minimalistic jewelry. Bij Daan was founded 3,5 years ago in 2014 by Diana Bakker. Diana is a real ‘feelings person’ and only sells products that she fully supports herself and that make her genuinely happy. This concept appeals to the masses, because the shop is well visited. “Sometimes people come all the way from Utrecht to visit my shop in De Bilt”, Diana explains with a big smile on her face.

Peace and style

Everything in the store exudes that a lot of care and attention is spent on the store. This creates a pleasant atmosphere for shopping, the peace and quiet you find in the shop, you won’t find much elsewhere. The clothing is quite basic, but there’s always a certain special touch to them. I pretty seam or a subtle accent make it that you won’t leave with a boring outfit. You can even get styling advice at Bij Daan. “Sometimes I tell my customers to sleep on it for a night. If you can’t get a certain piece out of your head, you call me and I’ll set it aside for you. If you forget about it, it just wasn’t meant to be. People have to like what they buy and actually be happy with their purchase, that’s what’s important to me,” Diana mentions confidently. I definitely recommend a visit to this interesting store some time!

Website | Facebook | Hessenweg 194, 3731JN De Bilt.

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