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Behind Bars | Cocktails aan de Hamburgerstraat

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Cocktails in Utrecht

Finally! Behind Bars, the first cocktail bar of Utrecht, located at the Hamburgerstraat opened its doors. First cocktail bar? Yes, sure there are plenty of restaurants where you can drink a cocktail but now Utrecht also has a cocktail bar. And it has award-winning cocktails on the menu! Hooray!

The not so attractive (keeping it friendly ) Café Le Carafon has been transformed into a great place for cocktail-lovers. The owners do not choose standard products for the cocktails but import the good stuff themselves. The ingredients for the tasty creations are, when possible, ‘home made’ and that will give a boost to the quality of the cocktails. Drinking cocktails at Behind Bars is going to be experience.

Classics and new creations

On the menu you will find a few classics next to new creations. And also award winning cocktails. If you really don’t like cocktails or for some reason can’t drink alcohol there are loads of options for you. Such as soft drinks, lemonade, special beer (bottle) or the regular coca cola. Want to try something that is not on the menu? Even that’s possible. And all of this just a few minutes from my house. Dangerous!

ps: the gin basil smash is on my ‘to drink’ list. Probably has something to do with truffle oil.

Address: Hamburgerstraat 14
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