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Bar Cava in the city centre

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In how many ways and languages can you cheers? Besides zdorovje, yamas, salute, proost! We cheers to our own health and happiness. Traditionally, knights in the middle ages already cheersed to their health: when their glasses hit each other, some liquid always exchanged cups, so that they knew that their company didn’t want to poison them. Cheers!

Lets drink Cava in the city centre

Now we cheers to anything and everything. Even on a regular Wednesday evening. And what better way to do that than with a glass of good bubbly? Cava! A new place in the middle of the city centre, it’s a long and narrow bar with an open kitchen at the back. The décor is fun and the stools are comfortable. We did have to search for the menu – it’s hanging on the wall, or looks like a painting against the wall. Well done! Once you’ve found that menu, you can go wild.

There are lots of sorts of cava on the menu, obviously. From fruity and fresh to full and soft. Did you know that the bubbly wine in Peñedes, Spin is called cava? But that in other countries and regions, bubbly is not allowed to be called that? The same is true for Champagne, from Champagne, France. Or Prosecco, Italy. All bubbly, but so different!

International menu

The wines on the menu are diverse and offer something for everyone. What’s fun about this wine list is that there are also some surprises on there that aren’t served everywhere. Take the Catarratto, for instance: a native Sicilian grape. You didn’t know that one yet, right? And we obviously want a snack with our wine. The menu takes you around the whole world. You don’t choose per bite here, but per part of the world. From Asian to Latin and Mediterranean. And it all tastes really good.

All that’s left to say is: arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’dentro! (Raise your glass, bring it down, cheers in the middle, and drink up!)

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