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Activities in province Utrecht | 30x fun things to do

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Activities in province Utrecht? We have selected 30 fun things to do in the province of Utrecht. We’d love to help you out and that’s why we have this blog full of great tips in the province of Utrecht. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing walk, a chill hotel or to visit a beautiful castle. In this blog, you’ll find more than enough tips for outings in the province of Utrecht. 

30 activities in the province of Utrecht

Walks in the provincie of Utrecht

With the nice weather coming up you’ll probably want to get out and about and fortunately, that’s possible more often. So we’ve got three great walks in the province of Utrecht for you. A walk from Driebergen-Zeist to Maarn. But perhaps a walk through the Foresters’ Path of Lage Vuurssche is more to your liking. Or how about a walk through Amelisweerd and Rhijnauwen. Or maybe all three? Read more about the walks in the province of Utrecht here. Read more about walks in the province of Utrecht (Dutch only)

Looking for a walk with a cultural-historical touch? Then the Waterlinie walk is for you. The Waterlinie was a defense line 85 kilometers long. It is the largest national monument in the Netherlands. The many walking and cycling routes take you along forts, casemates, and impressive farms and buildings. The nature reserve: the Verdronken Bos or the Grebbelinie are definitely not to be missed.

Do you want a day in nature then I have tips for walks in Amerongen and Zeist? Amerongen is known for its wooded surroundings, the Amerongse Berg and Amerongen Castle. You can walk in one of the oldest forests in the area. You will find many different types of trees and also many bird species.

Hidden in the woods of Zeist you will find the estates Heidestein and Bornia. Words fail to describe these two estates and nature reserves. You have to see it for yourself! You can choose two walks here: Heidestein red 4.5km or Bornia 5.5km. You could also extend the walk with the pyramid of Austerlitz, then you end up with a walk of +10km. You can also walk the NS-walk from Zeist station to Maarn station, a tough walk of 16km.

Also in Abcoude, one of the most beautiful villages in Utrecht you can walk. But also cycling and sailing are options. Walk or cycle the Mondrian route and get to know the artist in a relaxed way. You can also visit Fort Abcoude. If you prefer, you can sail on the Abcoudeemeer and the Angstel. Read about what else there is to do in Abcoude in the blog ‘Discover Abcoude (Dutch only)‘.

Special terraces in the province Utrecht

Vacationing in your own country really doesn’t have to be difficult! The summer terrace of Fort de Batterijen is a beautiful green place with a high vacation feeling. You can easily entertain yourself all day. Whether you go out with friends or with kids. Enjoy a drink on the terrace of the treehouse overlooking the canal. Or cool down on the terrace on the water. In any case, there is no lack of space. More activities and terraces in province Utrecht? Here is a good selection!

Special terraces are mentioned in this blog ‘special terraces in Utrecht‘. Terraces that are worth cycling to are: Nassau on estate Zuylenstein and the terrace of Bistro Lof at Parc Broekhuize. Sit yourself down on a chair and let the pampering start.

If you’re a beer lover you won’t want to miss this blog about breweries with their own terrace in Utrecht. Don’t just drink a delicious beer, but also see and hear how they are brewed. Order a hearty bite to go with it and you’re ready to enjoy.

Are you looking for an oasis of calm in the center of Utrecht, then the terrace with the French atmosphere of Karel V is worth a visit. This gem is hidden behind a large city wall with a gate, where few people walk through to sit on the terrace.

Discover Amersfoort during a weekend

As you probably know, we love Amersfoort (and if not, you know it now haha). The city has a characterizing historic downtown that is full of hotspots. For example, you can stay at Long John’s Pub, a fine hotel surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at The Blueberry, where they serve, among other things, delicious pancakes. And after all that tasty food, you’ll have enough energy to explore the city. Read more about a weekend in Amersfoort here.

Bike fanatics can grab the bike and cycle the style route from Utrecht to Amersfoort. Along the way you will enjoy works of art, nature, estates, and the forest. Once you are in Amersfoort then visiting the Mondrian House is a must. Combine this with a city walk along the koppelpoort. And end your visit in one of the most beautiful courtyards in Amersfoort.

City beaches in Utrecht

When the weather is nice, there is one place that is at the top of many people’s list: the beach, because of water haha! In beautiful Utrecht, there is also plenty of choice for swimming. Whether you’re looking to cool off in the finest natural waters or looking for a city beach. Utrecht has it all!

On and in the waters of Utrecht

And while we’re on the subject of the beach, let’s move straight on to fun activities on Utrecht’s waters. In the center of Utrecht, you can rent a boat, canoe, sup, or pedal boat for an hour on the water. Discovering Utrecht from the water gives a totally different and impressive image. Utrecht’s water activities can be found in the blog ‘Utrecht on the water‘.

Would you like to swim in natural water in Utrecht during the summer or on warm days, then this list is exactly what you need: swimming natural water in Utrecht.

Estates, castles and monastery in the province of Utrecht

I have a weakness for historical buildings and can also enjoy country houses, castles, and monasteries immensely. Can you? Good, because we have collected a number of them for you. These include Kasteel de Haar, Zuster op Buitenplaats Doornburg and De Paltz estate in Soest, to name but a few.

Would you like to combine two fun trips in Utrecht by bike? My advice is to combine country estate De Paltz with a visit to the airbase park Soesterberg. Two beautiful locations should not be missed in the list of fun things to do in the province of Utrecht.

Royal hotels in the province of Utrecht

A delightful hotel is the greatest thing, isn’t it? A break from all the stress and to-do’s and just enjoy. In this blog you will find beautiful boutique hotels like the Witte Dame and Parc Broekhuizen. But also gems like Landgoed de Horst and Kasteel Kerckebosch should be on your list.

Do you want to spend an unusual night in the province of Utrecht? Then I have two tips that you shouldn’t miss. Unwind in peace and quiet on the private island of Eilandseind. In a large tent, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and with poor wifi coverage, you get the chance to really recharge your batteries. Or how about enjoying the royal atmosphere in the Bed & Breakfast of Sterkenburg Castle? Always wanted a taste of royal life? Then this is your chance! Here you can read all about these two great accommodations in the province of Utrecht.

Restaurants open or not, hotels with their own catering facilities are in demand. The advantage? You don’t have to leave the hotel for a delicious dinner. So you can enjoy the hotel room with hopefully a good view. For a day trip to Utrecht with an overnight stay, we recommend these hotels with restaurants in the province.

A day in Utrecht

A day in Utrecht can not be missed in this list of great activities in the province of Utrecht.  This list of must-see attractions in Utrecht is a good start. Think about the sights like the Dom tower and iconic museums like the Railway Museum. But also discover the Stadshuiskwartier with cool hotspots. From culture to delicious food and stores of Utrecht.

You can also follow one of our walking routes. For example, follow the steps of the first Dutch pope. Discover the almshouses and courtyards of Utrecht. More walking routes can be found in this blog: walking in Utrecht.

Poems can be found on many buildings and houses in Utrecht. Where exactly? Read it in the blog ‘Poetry walk through Utrecht‘.

Children love Miffy! Some adults do too, by the way. For the fans, we have a Miffy route through Utrecht.

Escape the city center and explore the district Wittevrouwen. A very beautiful and interesting district with a rich history that is definitely worth discovering. With the Explore Utrecht City Challenge route you will learn a lot of facts that you can immediately put into practice. How many points can you earn?

A day in Woerden

Want to discover even more places in the province of Utrecht? How about a visit to the fortified town of Woerden, because there is plenty to do here too. In addition to sightseeing and the cheese warehouse, you can take a nice stroll through the fine streets of Woerden. A visit to Woerden can be concluded at the restaurant Bistronoom, where you can enjoy culinary delights.

A day in Oudewater

Oudewater is known for the Heksenwaag, where people used to be weighed to determine whether they were magical beings with exceptional powers. In the Heksenwaag you can learn all about this and have yourself weighed. You can stroll through the streets or hop on a boat and get to know Oudewater.

Explore (province) Utrecht by bike

Cycling through Utrecht and the province you will discover so much more. So I’m also sharing some cycling routes in this list of fun things to do in the province of Utrecht. Because fun bicycle routes should definitely not be missing.

This blog contains tips for culture lovers, history fact-checkers, and water rats. Because province Utrecht is huge and has something to offer everyone. Visit part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, fort and park Ruigenhoek when you cycle the cycle route Waterlinie-Noord. You will not only pass impressive forts, parks, but also mills. Read it all in this blog about cycling through Utrecht.

Fun outings for kids in Utrecht

Yes, the kids have been thought of too and we have some fun activities in province Utrecht. Visit the Railway Museum and the National Military Museum for a few hours of fun education. For the little ones, the Miffy Museum is a must. Besides all that play, parents probably want a good cup of coffee with something tasty or lunch. You can do that at these child-friendly hotspots in town.

More inspiration for fun activities in the province of Utrecht