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5 great spots for Fair Fashion shopping in Utrecht

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What does ‘fair and fashionable’ really mean? The Square1magazine can tell you all about it! I’m Anjolieke from Square1magazine.com and in this blog I would like to share my five favorite spots in Utrecht, where you can buy fabulous Fair Fashion items. I believe that Fair Fashion doesn’t have to be boring and expensive. There are enough choices out there for everyone at every budget. Still don’t believe me? Find out about it yourself by visiting the following addresses:

Nukuhiva in the Zadelstraat is my favorite and every item they sell is sustainable. There is such a great variety of Fair Fashion in this store, you will have no more reason to label it as boring.  With so much different styles, fabrics and designs, Nukuhiva’s selection offers a good mix of established and rising brands. And you know what? Nukuhiva has been active in this business for 10 years!

Nukuhiva | Zadelstraat 36 | website

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The ‘runner up’ on my list is Gurus, which is located in the Twijnstraat. Gurus focuses on using natural fabrics and materials. Their timeless pieces will outlast fad items that come and go after just one or two seasons. This is a shop where you can find durable and smaller (ergo unique) labels. And more, they also sell items created by aspiring young designers and ‘refresh’ the collection regularly.

Gurus | Twijnstraat 69 | website

Vintage shops are not really my thing. Just as I avoid shopping during sales, the same applies when it comes to vintage shops. I just can’t be bothered to dig out that one item from a mountain of clothes. You get what I mean? Kaufhaus, however, is a breath of fresh air. It’s a spacious shop that offers vintage and second-hand clothes, with many adorable pieces. If you can’t find anything, try again. They add new items almost every day – so you have a good reason to drop by more often!

Kaufhaus (closed) | Achter Clarenburg 32 | website

While Nukuhiva brings you designer pieces from all over the world, PUHA gives young designers a chance to present their creations to public. What a great store! Their selections are colorful and fresh, created by young and new designers. Many of the items are fair-trade and eco-friendly, like Studio Jux and Fenny Faber. And find out more about their PUHA Shop Route.

PUHA  | Voorstraat 48 | website

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People Avenue takes a different approach to Fair Fashion. The company was founded in 2015 and has a minimalistic style. Their collection reminds me of the ideal capsule-wardrobe on Pinterest. This might be an issue for some people, but they sell great quality clothes made of sustainable cotton at reasonable prices. It’s a great shop to find basic elements for your wardrobe.

People Avenue (closed) | Choorstraat 3 | website

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