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Green Gems: Vegan & Vintage Google Map of Utrecht!


Ready to enjoy the sustainable side of Utrecht, with the “Vegan & Vintage Utrecht” Map? This unique map is your ultimate guide to exploring Utrecht’s thriving vegan and vegetarian restaurant scene, as well as discovering (hidden) vintage and sustainable shops. All while supporting local businesses committed to sustainability.
Discover Utrecht’s Sustainable Side – Where Vegan Delights and Vintage Treasures Await.
The “Vegan & Vintage Google Map of Utrecht” includes:
  • 28 restaurants, bakeries en eateries
  • 18 Vintage shops
  • 6 local sustainable brands and shops
Note: After payment, a pdf is sent directly to your email address. In the pdf you will find a link, with which you can immediately put the Explore Utrecht Map on your mobile phone. And then you are ready to go exploring. The map will be available for six months. And will be regularly updated with new locations or locations will be replaced.

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