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The Mariaplaats is a small square in the neighborhood Museumkwartier, in the city center. The square might be small but is always buzzing with people enjoying a drink and snack or dinner. One of the restaurants on this lovely plaza is Se7en. The number seven in the name of the restaurants refers to the seven wonders of the world. Can you name them all? Ooh well, neither can I but the murals in the restaurant and the menu will help you figure it out. Fun fact is that the restaurant is located on number 7, Mariaplaats. The dishes are inspired by ingredients from Chili, Egypt, India, Jordan, Mexico and Peru. At Se7en you can order a whole or half a dish, this way you can mix & match dishes and have a tasting. I started the evening with two half dishes: the baba ganoush and the duck. We also had warm bread rolls with aioli brought to our table. It was a perfect start of the evening and the dishes were very nice. The aioli was incredible, the dish was dipped empty. Yum! I was craving steak the whole day, so I was thrilled to find the Brazilian steak on the menu for the evening. I also ordered an extra batch of fries. I can’t eat a steak without fries and mayo. My medium rare steak was perfect, light red and tender. The fries were hot and crispy, just the way I like them. After the delicious main course it was time for dessert but unfortunately this was a bit of a downer. I ordered the chocolate fudge served with pistachio ice cream on the side and a fresh mint tea. This would be a magical combo right? The pistachio ice cream was tasty but the chocolate fudge wasn’t such a success. Maybe because I excepted more of a brownie with caramel kind of dessert instead of a cookie kind. Guests sitting at the table next to us ordered the amaretinni tiramisu and didn’t leave a bite of tiramisu in their glasses. I think I will try that dessert next time.

The Greeks believe that number seven represents perfection and plenty. Although I will not call me dinner at restaurant se7en perfect it was very tasty, the staff was friendly and the setting is relaxing and pretty. This all contributed to a wonderful evening with family and food. The plenty part is well represented, they serve you nice full plates of food so you wont go home feeling hungry.

Address: Mariaplaats 7
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