Explore Utrecht has been mentioned and featured on several websites. I like to keep track of these links and websites for further reference. And it’s fun to see what other websites, with focus on Utrecht, are out there.

A MPS fan, follower and Utrecht fanatic wrote a great article on New City Ambassadors in Utrecht. The freelance writer, Maurice Hengeveld, had the article published on www.Bezoek-Utrecht.nl. We are very happy to have such loyal fans!

You can find the whole article, in Dutch, here.

PS: Mypersonalstyle is now Explore Utrecht. 


City Expert Sanne Wierda interviewed the owner Elize of the lovelifebag and she mentioned Explore Utrecht on her website.



On the website, ‘me Utrecht Barcelona‘ Belén writes about your time in Utrecht, cultural differences and real Dutch things through the eyes of a BCN girl. She mentions Explore Utrecht as a cool website about Utrecht. We like her blog as well.



Lieke ten Hoedt photographed the first #exploreutrechtmeetup at Goed spul on the 29th of October. She mentioned Explore Utrecht and several pictures on her online portfolio.

IMG_0042-2.PNGFor www.bezoekutrecht.nl I wrote a short ABC on my favorite spots in Utrecht.

Beoek Utrecht ABC Explore Utrecht

On Restaurantervaring I tell about Explore Utrecht and share my favorite spots.

Interview Explore UtrechtIn the June edition of the Uit-Agenda Utrecht with the tip of the month – De Beschaving.

Juni Uit Agenda Explore Utrecht Media

You can find Explore Utrecht on the Tourism Utrecht website as well. We are very happy with this feature.
Explore Utrecht visitutrecht.nl

With Favoroute we created an app for Explore Utrecht, in which you will find all our favorite spots. We have been featured on RTLZ. The app is available in the app store.

Utrecht City Trip banner | Favoroute travel guides 

For ‘Frisse Mosterd’, the restaurant newspaper of Utrecht we write about divers trends we see in the city. Check the website to read our articles (only in Dutch).
1st contribution – Museum Cafe | 2nd contribution – City Beaches 

In the German glossy Allegra we have a two page feature with all the favorite spots of our founder. This is a mayor milestone and we are very happy with the result.


On the #nsfavourites platform Dainahara, owner of Explore Utrecht, shares her best tips on where to eat and what to do in the city.

On Soulstores, a website featuring beautiful concept stores and the stories behind the products they sell, there is a mention in the lovely new category: beautiful things on Monday.