Welcome to the minitours of #exploreutrecht! This past summer a lucky few enjoyed six different minitours, all around Utrecht. We started the tours because we like to discover more of our city and get to know more of her history. It was a big success! This spring, we will start afresh with another six brand new minitours, both on- and offline. Let’s first introduce our guide, who we are very excited to work with!

Your guide

“Hello, my name is Tom Lensink, I am 31 years old and I will your minitours guide. I am a teacher and historian and I love teaching people about art, culture and history. I studied at the Hogeschool Utrecht and Utrecht University and I loved it so much here, that I decided to stay.

I love Utrecht, because it’s an old city with lots of history. There is always something to do and it’s a mix of different people, architecture styles and stories. What I find most beautiful about this city is the old city centre with her canals and moats. It always feels special when I drive into the heart of the city. In my spare time you can find me in one of the many parks, libraries of museums in the city.”

Tour dates

Will you join us for the #exploreutrecht minitours this spring? Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for more information on the meeting location and theme’s of the tours. We decided to go by the a pay-what-you-want principle, so at the end of the tour you can decide what you thought the tour was worth! So you can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want. Just keeping fun and exploring Utrecht simple!

Tour without a guide

Of course you can also explore the city without a guide. The extended tours are easy to follow on your mobile phone. So why wait and have fun exploring our lovely city.

  1. Discover de Zeven Steegjes – tour-de-zeven-steegjes-utrecht
  2. Visit the God chambers – stadswandeling-godscameren
  3. In the footsteps of pope Adrianus- paus-adrianus-paushuize
  4. Get inspired by the story of Trijntje – tour-trijn-van-leemput

Check the video to see an impression of the tours! Maybe we will meet you soon.