Vis ‘n Friet (“fish & chips”) is proof that simple can be delicious. This small eatery is located on the Vismarkt and sells different types of fish snacks alongside thick-cut fries. And how appropriate is the name of this new spot for the Vismarkt?! The street used to house Utrecht’s oldest market, where people traded fish that was caught in cages in the Oudegracht (“old canal”).

To fish

Vis ‘n Friet opened its doors two weeks ago and had been on my to-visit list for a while, thanks to a tip from my hairdresser. And so, on a quiet Sunday, I decided that it was finally time to taste the Dutch version of fish & chips. After a short walk through the Zadelstraat, I crossed the bridge and headed in the direction of the Vismarkt, towards the small eatery. I ordered large fries and a serving of kibbeling without any hesitation, and I enjoyed the lot on the mini terrace under the awning. A fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Life can be pretty easy, people – it can be simple and delicious! Oh, and Jeroen: thanks for the tip!

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Picture’s by Susanne Sterkenburg

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