The croquette might be the Netherlands’ most famous snack. Everyone has ordered one at the snackbar after an evening of partying once in their life. Fastfood is in! After the burger, fries and the hotdog, it’s now the croquette’s time to shine.

No more pulling your croquette out of the wall

Recently you can find the ‘de Croquetten Boutique’ on the Bakkerstraat, where you can try several different kinds of croquettes and toppings. Doesn’t that sound delightful? That’s what we thought, so it was time for a tasting session. This small hotspot has been decorated very stylishly: dark green is the main color, with light pink and gold color accents. There’s a long comfortable couch along the window with a view of the counter where you can order all the delicious treats. You find the giant chique croquettes menu on the wall. So much to choose!

We were welcomed with open arms by the crew – the ones who came up with this amazing concept – who were hard at work preparing orders in their impressive fryers. One delicious creation after another went across the counter. The spot was filled with happy customers that had a surprised look on their face. We wanted to experience this too and right at that moment a croquette-tasting appeared in front of us. A perfect choice for people that can’t just pick one kind or want to try a bit of everything.

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Trying five mini croquettes

The tasting was a perfect first try of the different flavours: a wintery hare stew filling, chicken red curry, salmon and lemon-pepper, apple-cinnamon and the mushroom and parsnip flavour. The croquettes are all handmade, without any additives. And you can taste the difference! The owners work together with local companies, bakeries and restaurant. For expample, the meat in the pulled beef croquette was bought at a local farmer. Or the buns that were especially designed for the chic croquettes in collaboration with Verhoeff bakery. And there’s good news for the vegans: they’re working hard on making all their vegetarian options vegan as well!

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Long live the croquette!

Next time you’re craving a croquette, hop into the Croquetten Boutique and order yourself a chique croquette with delicious toppings. Or order just the croquette, served in a beautiful ‘bonbon-box’. We definitely want to go back to try the apple-cinnamon croquette with all the toppings. And the pumpkin sage one sounds delightful as well!

Bakkerstraat 7 |

Open: 7 days a week, but hours can differ cause they’re still testing out what works for them.

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