Hallelujah, our prayers have been heard! Fi-na-lly an official brunch spot has opened in Utrecht. I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages, just so I can live out my Sex & the City dreams of brunch and mimosa’s right here in Utrecht. Ted’s doesn’t only serve brunch in the early hours, but all day long! So if you’ve had a rough night and can’t get out of  bed until 2pm, you can still order their signature Eggs Benedict.

The real hipsters among us might already know Ted’s from Amsterdam, where they serve brunch and bites everyday from 8am. The cozy atmosphere and the delicious food at Ted’s have finally found its way to our city. Right at the doorstep of the Dom tower, on the Lichtegaard! Behind a blue door that we were convinced only hobbits were able to use.

Ted’s has been able to use all the cozyness of the building, without compensating in their authentic, relaxed interior design.

We can’t wait for our first brunch date at Ted’s!

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Photo’s by Susanne Sterkenburg

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