Restaurant de Baai was transformed into a restaurant in Syrian style, earlier this year. Hello, Mezze on the Bay! In Leidsche Rijn you will find the lovely and quiet terrace at the bay. At Mezze on the Bay you get acquainted with the Syrian cuisine in a relaxed setting overlooking the water.

Authentic Kitchen with Social Character

The idea for the Syrian metamorphosis of Restaurant de Baai came from manager Robbert Herben and Haitam, a youth worker with a Syrian background. Professionals of Syrian origin work in the kitchen. In this way, Mezze aan de Baai contributes by helping Syrians who are living in the Netherlands for a short time to find their way around the labour market. They also help young Syrians to find an internship.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, you eat ‘mezze’ at Mezze on the Bay: a selection of small dishes that you share with your table-mates. Per person you can count on two or three dishes. The menu has something for everyone: meat, fish, vega, hot and cold dishes. And both light and heavy dishes (think of fresh tabouleh salad with mint or fried hake fillet). There are safe choices on the menu for children, such as chicken nuggets and fish sticks.

Dining at Mezza aan de Baai

It’s hard to choose because everything on the menu looks good to us. Our tip is: go with a large group to Mezze on the Bay, this way you can taste a lot! We decide to choose something from each segment, so meat, fish and vega (both cold and hot). A little later our table is filled with small bowls and plates and our feast can start. We try the artichokes with homemade mozzarella and pomegranate, falafel with yoghurt-tahin sauce, shrimps with guacamole and mango and chicken thighs with mulukhiyah, a kind of ‘black spinach’ and tasteful almonds. We are particularly fond of these last two dishes. The crucifixes form a fresh whole in combination with the mango, avocado and black spinach that is served with the chicken. The dish has a slightly bitter taste, this was very tasty.


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We order two more dishes from the menu. The grilled eggplant filled with a mix of potato and tomato sauce. And ‘fried bread’ (a kind of thin pancake) in layers with chicken and tahin-yoghurt dressing with nuts and parsley (also in vega variant). We end the evening with rice pudding with rose water, pistachio and coconut. And tea biscuits with chocolate and ice cream.

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Address Mezze aan de Baai

Weg naar Parkwijk 5, 3541 BB Utrecht
030 – 6703 819

Opening hours:
Wed – 16:00 tot 22:00
Thurs – 16:00 tot 22:00
Fri – 15:00 tot 22:00
Sat – 15:00 tot 22:00
Sun – 15:00 tot 22:00

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