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OK, so where do I even start… Do I write about the charming and sweetest couple I ever met that run Sugarlips cake? Or maybe about how Luc traveled to world, fell in love with Tam and their move to Utrecht? Or how about the story of a successful and award-winning cake company that bakes, or rather designs haute couture cakes, for more than 145 weddings this year? I could write blogs on all three but of course being a foodie and a sweet-tooth (some people think I have a serious problem) I will write about the absolutely gorgeous and tasty creations made by Tammy & Luc – Sugarlips Team.

American Boutique Bakery

Sugarlips Cakes is a boutique bakery based out of Utrecht, located on Jansveld 49 that specializes in custom made cakes and sweet treats. Every design is thoughtfully crafted to thrill the pallet of each individual client and look stunning on the cake table. Tammy, drawing on her background as a pastry chef and of course a sweet-tooth, creates confections which display; elegance, detail, softness and sophistication. Everything is made by hand and if possible eatable. With a subtle touch of haute couture and glamour, Sugarlips Cakes is the place to go when you will not settle for “off the rack” or “average” cakes. At Sugarlips Cakes its all about…”We go big or we stay home!” How big? Sugarlips Cakes offers nine cake flavors and thirty-five different filing flavors. Design? Whatever you want, they will cater to you needs and wishes, but they make sure the cake has the Sugarlips Cakes signature.

Heavenly Tasting 

Everyone knows that the best part of wedding or party planning is the cake tasting! Well, I didn’t have either planned. So when I received the email from Luc inviting us to a private tasting of the lovely creations by Tammy for the new sweets shop I jumped out of my chair. We made an appointment, Michaela grabbed her camera and off we went. At the shop the cake table was set with several flavored cupcakes and cake-pops but also chocolate chip cookies and blueberry bars. That’s a lot of sweets for two people, we were blown away! We didn’t know what to taste first because it all looked so very pretty and delicious. But we got over that feeling very quickly and started plating up cakes like crazy. Michaela declared the lemon cake-pop her favorite. This lemon cake was fresh, not too sweet and tasted like real lemons, not the artificial flavor. My favorite was the red velvet cupcake with Baileys topping rather than the standard cream-cheese frosting. The cupcake was flavorful, not too sweet, which made the Bailey frosting a welcoming and surprising addition. As Dutchies do we took a doggie box home so we could enjoy the cakes the next day.

Sweet Shop on the Jansveld 49

So now for the great news! Sugarlips Cakes is opening up a sweets shop on the Jansveld this Friday, 24th of April. The sweet shop will offer a great selection of cup cake, cake-pops, cookies and more. Every week the flavors will be announced on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This way you know which flavors are available for you to buy. On the day itself it’s first come first served. How about a small high tea at home, buying some cakes for your B-Day or just to spoil yourself? I’m craving the red velvet cup cakes with Bailyes topping and will be ordering mine as soon as the shop is open.

Opening hours Thursday until Saturday from 12:00 – 18:00

Address: Jansveld 49
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Photo credits – Michaela – The new life beginning

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