30ML Boutique is the new addition to the Zadelstraat in Utrecht. Since 8 October you can go here for delicious and specialty coffees. Chances are that the name is familiar to you. The first 30ML was on the Mariastraat but later moved to the Vredenburg. In addition to its own branches on Vredenburg and Zadelstraat, there are also franchise branches in Leidsche Rijn and Amsterdam. And now the new 30ML Boutique! 

Limited menu

The coffee bar is located in the building where the men’s clothing store ‘Quadrat’ was previously located. The limited space offers no room for a kitchen so all sweets are prepared at the Vredenburg location and brought to the Zadelstraat by cargo bike. So you can also enjoy the carrot cake, banana bread and the brownies where 30ML is known for. Unfortunately, the menu is rather limited and there is no more choice than a croissant, a grilled sandwich or a bowl of yogurt.

Special to go

But.. they make up with good coffee. The owner Frans Kooyman explains that this location is the more exclusive version of 30ML. “It’s a small business and we expect to sell a lot of ’to go’ coffee. That is why the focus is on the ‘specialty coffee’. “On the Zadelstraat there are two mills, one mill for the beans of 30ML and the other for a changing bean. Now you can enjoy the ‘Friedhats Coffee Roasters’ beans, roasted by the best barista in the Netherlands and the second best in the world.

30ML Boutique the ‘Rolls Roys’ among the coffee shops

Chilling at 30ML

The long wooden bench opposite the bar is occupied by mainly international guests. They work, study or read a book. The music plays softly in the background but the sound is not annoying. It is no punishment to spend an afternoon at 30ML Boutique!

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