Situated just outside the bustling city center, Rocking Chair, on Willem van Noortstraat, is a quiet sanctuary for coffee or a bite. The corner cafe is flooded with light, the blue tiles glistening, even on a rainy Saturday morning.


Inside you’re greeted by a long coffee bar and plenty of seating. Grab a spot on a stool by the front windows, in armchairs by the door, quiet tables, or the long farmhouse table tucked in the back. And of course, there’s a rocker tucked in the corner with a big leather sofa.

Get comfy and sip coffee

I ordered my go-to, a cappuccino, and was impressed with the delicious bite of espresso and frothy finish. What’s better was the price: just 2.50 eu – one of the best prices for a cappuccino in the city. Curious, I reached for the menu and found the breakfast deal was just 6.95 eu and included a juice, coffee, scone or croissant and a mini granola. I was tempted, but resisted.

At 9:30 am it was me and a few other families, kids playing quietly in the corner. The coffees, breakfasts and cakes I saw pass me looked great, and the service was friendly and quick. I’ll happily wait for a great cup of coffee, but it’s always better when a much needed caffeine fix comes both hot and quick, especially early in the morning.

Rocking-Chair Explore Utrecht 6

And listen up, matcha lovers. Matcha is hard enough to find here in Utrecht, and a great cup is even more illusive. But, I’ve heard from multiple sources the matcha here at Rocking Chair is excellent, and will be what I try next time.

I loved how quiet Rocking Chair was, but I can imagine this place gets fun, friendly and filled up later in the afternoon. I can say this is a great spot to relax with a cup of joe solo, but I also imagine it’s a wonderful spot to catch up with a friend or even bring your laptop to work. I’ll be back to this cozy spot to try the latter, for sure.

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