Lovely and pure, that’s the way food must be. I really enjoy, when a dish is beautifully presented, made with fresh ingredients and explosive flavors. When I’m enjoying my dish that much, I will have a grin from ear to ear.
One restaurant was on the top of my wish list for along time. It’s located in an old farm and is known for cooking with fresh (local) products and pure flavors. (It’s already my new favorite because it’s unique location and interior). The restaurant I’m talking about is Zuiver!

Restaurant Zuiver is a real paradise for people who love good and pure food. The old farm is located on the Krommerijn Wetering near ’the Wall’ in Leidsche Rijn. It takes some time to find restaurant Zuiver because it’s situaded in an industrial estate. Not really romantic, right? But I can tell you, once you’re inside you forget the industrial estate immediately. The interior of Zuiver is cozy, modern yet rural.
A real eye-catcher in the restaurant is the wall cabinet that is located behind the bar. The cabinet reaches the ceiling, so the authentic construction details are even more noticeable. You can actually look around for hours in this interior. Every time you look, you’ll see another nice authentic detail.

My first encounter with restaurant Zuiver was on my 25th birthday. The perfect excuse for a great exclusive diner! For this occasion we’ve ordered an three-course dinner. Besides that you can have a chef’s menu in 3, 4 or 5 courses. I assembled my own 3-course dinner, because I allready had my eyes on 3 amazing dishes.

We started with an appetizer, a bitterbal (a kind of croquette) made of goat cheese. I am not a goat cheese lover (I really don’t like goat cheese!), I ate it anyway and I liked it! Soft taste (thankfully not too much goat cheese) and sturdy, exactly as a bitterbal should be. This was followed by the starter. I choose a seafood salad with scallop (my favorite!), clams, salicron and other delights. Every bite of the salicron with the soft taste of the fish, the salt of the sea and the refreshing taste of the dressing was divine! As a main course I had a sort of curry with fish (I have unfortunately forgotten the type of fish). This dish was pure, simple and the flavors were perfectly balanced. I could not resist dessert. Although I had enough cake that day. (why did I ate a big piece of Pie in the afternoon?) I ordered ‘Zuiver snoepen’. This is a selection of desserts. Mjammie!

The food is prepared by chefs with passion, and you can taste it! The plates are served beautifully and the flavors are pure en refined. They also have the knowledge of different diets, like Coeliakie (Gluten). And even with these diets, they can make amazing dishes! Even a gluten free bitterbal is possible (most of the time in other restaurant, you will get a green salad). My mom, who has Coeliakie, loved every single dish she had.

Zuiver really is my new favorite, I can’t wait to go back! Highly recommended for people who love pure and fresh food.

Address: Krommewetering 51
Google map [highlight]here[/highlight]!

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam

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