Utrecht has loads of nice and cozy restaurants. When it comes to finding an organic and vegetarian restaurant in this city, it gets more difficult. Until I discovered restaurant Gys, which recently opened it’s doors. I had to give it a try.

When entering the restaurant, the interior directly caught my eye. A nice long bar, retro light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The owners sure payed a lot of attention to it. Most special are the self regulating eco systems, called biotopes.

Vegetarians & Vegans

With my eyes scanning the menu card, I noticed this was not an ordinary menu. With options like a tempeh sandwich or a mushroom – lentil burger, this restaurant payed extra attention to vegetarians and vegans. It’s even possible to eat gluten-free! No worries though, there is plenty choice for the meat and fish lovers among us.

My Order

While enjoying a cup of tea with lemon, ginger and honey (my new addiction ;)), the friendly waitress wrote down my order; an eggplant schnitzel. I was very curious to see how this would turn out. After about 15 minutes I got a nicely looking plate served with the eggplant schnitzel in a salsa of lentils, tomato, red onion, mint, olive oil and lemon juice. The eggplant schnitzel was crispy and tasted good with the salsa. For this dish you pay 9 euros. For me, this meal was satisfying enough. When you have a bit more of an appetite, you should definitely take a look at the dessert menu. The banana brownie with walnuts and coconut sounds great to me!

During my visit to Gys I certainly enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. A small point of improvement was the service. The ladies were very attentive in the beginning, later on this could have been better. Altough it was very crowded, a little more attention would have been nice.

Gys: a place where you can enjoy delicious organic food for a good price is definitely worth a visit. If you plan to visit Utrecht, I urge you to stop by and see for yourself.

Address: Voorstraat 77
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Contributie by Anna van Neerven of Love Being In Shape

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