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When asked where you can meet at Utrecht Central Station, I have only have one answer since recently. Metro City Kitchen! Often people then ask me, where the restaurant is located at the station. Yes .. It is time to get acquainted with Metro City Kitchen, located at the Jaarbeursplein.

Stylish with a touch of vintage

Metro City Kitchen consists of two parts: Downtown Deli and Uptown Dinning. Downtown Deli is the place to be for an early breakfast up to Friday drinks on the terrace. This part of the restaurant is decorated with a beautiful colorful greenhouse, where you can dine, and high tables for a drink or a quick snack. A bar in the middle of the restaurant. And cozy seating areas where you can drink a cup of coffee.

Uptown dinning

The Uptown restaurant opens later this year. The spot for those who want to dine extensively in stylish surroundings. The beautiful creations of Stigerwoods decorate the central wall and velvet chairs in two different designs give Uptown an edgy vibe.

The City Kitchen menu

The menu is diverse and offers options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. We dined at Metro and chose two dishes from the menu. The evening started with a selection of dips with warm bread and a glass of white wine. A wonderful start! Then I chose the carpaccio of yellow beet and the lemon risotto. My table mate chose the dorade ceviche and the cod with samphire, fennel and sweet potato. And of course we ordered a portion of fries with truffle mayo. Because.. Well, who can resist truffle mayo.

We enjoyed the tasteful dishes and the friendly service throughout the evening. The lemon risotto is nice and fresh and creamy. Highly recommended! We have to taste desserts another time, because I could not make room for it.

So if you have not been on the other side of the Central Station, then Metro City Kitchen is certainly a good reason to arrange a meeting at the Jaarbeurs side.

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Pictures downtown & dishes: Dainahara Polonia
Pictures uptown: instagram.com/justinebiesotdotcom by  Justine Biesot