GYS’ second branch on Amsterdamsestraatweg

When you think of the Amsterdamsestraatweg, healthy food is not the first thing that comes to mind. The establishment of GYS, being a green beacon (literally and figuratively) between the selection of döner kebab has changed that situation.

The Gys on the Amsterdamsestraatweg as opened, after the great success of GYS on the Voorstraat. The fresh interior design of GYS is a combination of green pastel shades and different types of wood. In every corner of the restaurant are interesting details to discover, such as small works of art (which you can buy, if you want!) to rows of light vases with different plants. You can not only enjoy the peace and quiet and chill atmosphere, but they also have delicious food!

Menu of fresh, organic food for everyone

One look at the menu and its clear what GYS stands for: fresh, organic cuisine for everyone. GYS has options, for most every lifestyle on the menu with many different options for vegans and vegetarians. I always enjoy every bite. And there’s always many! The portions are bigger than what you expect for the price. A healthy dinner at GYS is also good for your wallet!

All in all, we can say that GYS is very welcome on the Amsterdamsestraatweg. Will you stop by to see for yourself?

Address: Amsterdamsestraatweg 113 | Website | Facebook

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