Don’t feel like cooking or just don’t have the time to cook, but still want to eat healthy food? Our team has been testing a number of different meals in recent weeks. In this blog we list our 4 favorite spots for a fresh and healthy lunch or dinner. To take away or to have it delivered to your home or even your work.

Verse Kost
‘Is a present for yourself’ was are first reaction when Verse Kost delivered the meals at our door. The wrapping was just to cute! Verse Kost stands for pure, healthy and easy. Chef Harm cooks with organic ingredients, so no flavor enhancers or other crazy additions.  We choose the fish menu with: tongue rolls stuffed with couscous and ratatouille and the vega option of eggplant with 3 Utrecht cheeses, pesto sauce and grilled zucchini. We used the oven to warm it up, and after 20 minutes diner was served. We had a feast, the portions were more than enough!

Verse Kost works with a membship, which offers you a fresh meal each Monday. You can order a vegetarian, fish or meat. If you want to spoil yourself with a home made meal, then go for Verse Kost. Give yourself a present every Monday!

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Freshmeals Utrecht
Freshmeals Utrecht was started up by David and Hakar. Both men know loads about the effects nutrition has on us, and how we feel every day. That’s why Freshmeals guarantees good, healthy, nutritious meals. And we agree! On the menu? Delicious Chicken & Superfood salad with quinoa, mango, cashews, avocado, cherry tomatoes and black olives. A fine salad which offers loads of nutrition for a run through the city parks.

With Freshmeals you can chose from the menu that changes weekly. They deliver on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. You only need to heat up the meals if needed. We will order again because we just need to try meals named ‘Just Biet it’ salad or ‘Sate Tahoe Jahoeeeeee’.

Freshmeals Explore Utrecht

Ikook caters to the need of being able to eat good and healthy food. Every day, Vera, the owner prepares several soups, salads, warm meals and even desserts, for a healthy and easy meal. It’s a simple concept, you can order a meal through the website before 4pm, at the end of the day, all you have to do is pick up your order. Go home and heat up your meal and enjoy.

But what if you’ve forgotten to order your meal? Or maybe you like suprises? You can order of the menu at Ikook in the shop. There are always some dishes stalled out under the glass display, which you can choose from and Vera will eagerly tell you about the menu. Read more about Ikook here.

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Smulders Kookt
On the Jaarbeursplein you will see a large cargobike with a sign saying ‘Smulders Kookt‘. The black cargo bike offers home made meals by Miss Shamida Smulders. Smulders Kookt offers three homemade meals per day. One meal especially for vegetarians. The other dishes can vary from: a meat stew, Indonesian, Moroccan or even Dutch. The meals are fresh and homemade with love. What else could you ask for?

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Pictures freshmeals & Verse Kost Susanne Sterkenburg
Picture Ikook Lisa Peters

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