Imagine visiting a market in Spain; vibrant colors, a different scent from each direction, loads of noise and very crowded . That is how a market is suppose to be! And this is what you will experience at restaurant ‘De Markt’ and ‘naast de Markt’ a smaller restaurant next door.


The restaurant is a little bit noisy and always packed with people. Don’t be to worried if you have to wait for a table for about 30 minutes, the wines at the bar are pretty good! The interior of the restaurant has high ceilings, beautiful mosaic and tiles on the floors and Italian inspired wallpaper. And let’s not forget the view of the lovely green patio.

Antipasti & Pizza

You can see that the food is freshly made because of the open kitchen. The antipasti is stalled out like at a market. If you have ever been to La Boqueria (a must go!) in Barcelona (not Italy, I know, but I haven’t been there that often), you know what I mean. The dishes are recognizable Italian but not average, they all have their own twist. I am a really big fan of the pizzas. The last time I was at ‘De Markt’ I spoiled my appetite with too much delicious starters so I had just a quarter of my pizza. But the waitress kindly wrapped it up for me so I could take it home and enjoy it the day after.

‘Restaurant De Markt’ or ‘Naast de Markt’ are two very good places to visit in the city centre, and don’t let the queue scare you off.

Address: Drieharingstraat 27
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Photo (Facebook) credits, ‘Michel Boulogne Photography’. 

Text by Lotte van der Spek

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