Café Lombok is a small multi-cultural café along the Vleutenseweg in Lombok. You will recognize the building right away, because its white and baby blue with a small balcony on the front. Ooh and don’t forget the horns. To cute! The cafe has been open now for almost two years. First it was Pepper & Flow, an Italian slash orient tapas restaurant. At Café Lombok you can drop in for a drink, lunch or a simple dinner. When sitting inside the cafe instead of the terrace, you can read Arabic, Turkish and Dutch newspapers. A Funny detail: they use the newspapers as wallpaper!

Unique at Café Lombok is that they have a divers menu with dishes from different cultures, like Arabic, Thai, Tunisian and off course the Dutch veggies. There is something for everybody! For example you can have some Turkish bread with Baba Ganoush, Tzaziki, Harisa and some Aioli for a starter. For the people who don’t know what Baba Ganoush and Harissa is, Baba Ganoush is made of Aubergine and a lot of Garlic and Harissa is made of red hot peppers. If you want try this at home and you are around the Kanaalstraat, you can get some fresh dips at Persepolis.

The last time I was at café Lombok, I went with a friend. We never ate a Veggie burger, so we decided it was time to do so and came up with a taste game ‘which burger is the best’. We ordered a Keftaburger made of Black Angus beef and a vegetarian Bulgur burger. If you had asked me before the test which burger I though would taste better I would have chosen the beef. That’s how a burger is meant to be, right? But wow, I was surprised by the veggie burger. We didn’t miss the meat at all, it was a perfect alternative for the meat burger. We couldn’t taste the difference. I think the veggie burger was even better than the beef! I can recommend the Turkish bread with the dips and the Shrimp croquettes as starters. Don’t you feel like having a burger for your main course? They also have salads, fish and other lovely dishes.It’s an experience!

Contribution by Samantha Wicht of Taste with Sam
Pic is from Cafe Lombok FB Page.

Adres – Vleutenseweg
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