The Werkspoor Café De Leckere

In the mood for sausage? Or beer? Love a cozy bar? But then modernly decorated? And not necessarily in the center? Then the Werkspoor Café is the place for you! The new kid on the block, besides WAS, Oproer and DB’s. This place is booming. Okay, admittedly, you have to bike a fair bit to get there and the terrain is rather dark, but after the trip you’re sure to be warmly welcomed with a delicious beer from De Leckere and a smile from the bartender.

Cool place

De Leckere has opened its own tasting room on the Amsterdamrijnkanaal, with a terrace on the water. We’ll have to wait a bit before we can enjoy that, but inside the café is also a lovely place to be. It’s spacious, urban in décor, with as a central point a beautiful tree in the middle. The rails on which the wagons used to drive through this terrain are still here. Part of the external wall is made up of sea containers. Those are cool industrial elements! The top floor can be rented out for parties, and you’ll get a private tap to go with it. There’s an open kitchen and an Utrecht market with fresh products. Everything is organic in this café. For instance, there’s bread made out of the leftovers from the beer brewing process (bostelbrood). And it’s delicious!

Taste de Leckere

Okay, let’s talk about beer. I knew that De Leckere made delicious beer. But now I’ve tasted flavors that I didn’t know anything about. De Rode Toren, for example, one to recommend. And their barrel-aged Blauwe Bijl is delicious – a true specialty beer! There are also limited edition beers and beers made by guest brewers available on tap. And there are special, smaller glasses if you want to taste but still make it home. Awesome invention!

Delicious platters

And the sausages and the cheese. Ooh lala, there are some delicious bar bites here. Chef John gets his products from an organic butcher, and transforms them into delicious snack platters. But also supper with, for instance, warm sausage. The tasting room lives up to its name, there’s so much to try. It’s definitely worth the bike ride over. It is delicious!

Picture’s by Dainahara Polonia

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