I have been complaining about Utrecht not having a smoothie or slow juice shop since I came back from Copenhagen. During my trip I was a regular costumer at Joe and the Juice, I tried all the juices on the menu. Really I did! It was a complete detox city trip and I came back with an (un)healthy addiction for slow juice. So you can only imagine how happy I was when I saw that a shop was being refurnished into a Smoothie and Juice bar. There are enough places where you can get a good smoothie but juice is a totally different story.

But fear no more as the Smoothie Company has come to save us and get us all adicted to healthy juices and smoothies. After shops in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam Noord and Hilversum the concept opened a new shop in Utrecht. The Smoothie Company is located on the Lange Elisabethstraat, right in the hart of the shopping district. I always check the reviews on Facebook to see what people are saying and the Smoothie Company has good reviews, only a few mention that the prices are a bit high. To be honest I haven’t bought a cheap smoothie anywhere, except if I make it myself at home. But we will see.

Take a look at the menu, see anything you would like to order? Wonder how long it’s going to take me to try everything on the Smoothie Company’s menu.

Address: Lange Elisabethstraat

Pic of the menu is from the smoothie company facebook. 

Smoothie Company Explore Utrecht 2

Smoothie Company Explore Utrecht 1