Are you someone who prefers the chef’s surprise menu? Or do you always end up at the local pub around the corner for an evening dinner in Utrecht? Then SurpriSeat is definitely something for you. With SupriSeat you can dine surprisingly in Utrecht, Amsterdam or Rotterdam. You will receive the location two hours before dinner. If you can handle the excitement then read on…

Surprise dinner in Utrecht

SurpriSeat is a new reservation platform in the Netherlands, where you can book surprise dinners. The new platform is the solution for the long search to find that one nice restaurant for an evening out in Utrecht. If you don’t feel like searching for a restaurant, let SurpriSeat surprise you. Also nice for a regular night out during the month. SurpriSeat offers a one-off or monthly surprise dinner in Utrecht. The location will be announced via email on the evening of booking. Exciting, isn’t it?

Want to book a SurpriSeat surprise dinner right away? With this code ‘ExploreUtrecht‘ you get €7,50 discount on a dinner for 2 persons via the SurpriSeat website.

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Explore Utrecht was surprised by SurpriSeat

A few weeks ago I tested SurpriSeat and was pleasantly surprised by this new concept. Because of my work, I visit a lot of restaurants in Utrecht, so I’m pretty hard to surprise. But I really enjoyed my evening by SurpriSeat. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you in detail about it, because then it’s wouldn’t be a surprise when you book yourself. But let me tell you what I love about SurpriSeat?

  1. The location remains a secret until the last moment. So you keep wondering where you will end up on the chosen evening;
  2. Each restaurant determines its own menu for the evening. So then you have chosen the chef’s menu anyway 😉
  3. The whole evening is a treat because all you have to do is choose a good glass of wine and the rest will take care of its self;
  4. Maybe you will discover new restaurants in Utrecht;
  5. A one time surprise dinner for 2 persons is affordable. For n evening you pay €26.50 per person, excluding drinks;
  6. You can also choose to be surprised every month. A try-out subscription lasts three months. But you can also take out an annual subscription right away.

How does SurpriSeat work?

The adventure starts with choosing a date for the surprise dinner. Then you answer a few questions such as: which kitchen you would like to exclude, if you have allergies, phone number and so on. The profile is then fixed and you can book more often. After that, you will automatically be redirected to the payment page, where you will receive a €7,50 discount on your first SurpriSeat experience with the code ‘ExploreUtrecht‘. Nice extra!

You can also give SurpriSeat as a present. More information can be found on the website of SurpriSeat.

I am looking forward to my next adventure with SurpriSeat. I am very curious about which restaurant I will end up at…