On Instagram I share all my hotspotting finds in Utrecht. If you want to know what’s happening and what’s coming it would be the account to follow 😉 For this blog I was inspired by the article on Elle-Eten.nl about the 9 new hotspots in Utrecht. Must say they missed a couple, so to complete the list I introduce more new hotspots in Utrecht.

5x new hotspots in Utrecht

Barbeton De Bank

Barbeton opened a new restaurant on the Adriaen van Ostadelaan this week. Just a couple of days open and the terrace is already packed with people. The interior has a warm and vintage feel to it and you can’t miss the illustrated map of Utrecht. Such a fun detail! Barbeton De Bank is located in a building where there used to be an ABN branch and some details still remind you of the former tenants. The restrooms are located in the safe below the restaurant, the safe deposit boxes are still there with keys. Barbeton De Bank unlike its older brother is a restaurant and open until 23:00. De Bank has breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack on the menu.

Must-have: the home made cranberry ice tea and a salad.

Address: Adriaen van Ostadelaan Barbeton De Bank Explore Utrecht 1


Sometimes I take the tourist route and that is usually when I spot new spots, like the cupcake shop IBake. IBake is a cupcake shop located in one of the small allies of Utrecht; Zakkendragerssteeg. What’s on the menu: vanilla cream cheese, choco mocha, lemon limoncello, coconut, salted caramel and loads more! Guess I don’t need to tell you why I’m very eager for IBake to open.

Must-have: opening-day 15 August! I’m going for the red velvet cupcake.

Address: Zakkendragerssteeg

IBake Explore Utrecht 1

Smoothie Company

Finally I can stop complaining about Utrecht not having a juice bar. The Smoothie Company is a smoothie and juice bar, located in the city center. You can miss it very easily because it is located on one of the busiest streets in Utrecht.

Must-have: try the green juices

Address: Lange Elisabethstraat

Smoothie Company Explore Utrecht 2

Hoppe Utrecht

Hoppe Utrecht is a brown cafe on one of the most buzzing squares of Utrecht. Located in a building that was occupied by squatters for years, now starting over with this brand new cafe.

Must-have: I don’t know haven’t been yet. You tell me?

Address: Ganzenmarkt

Hoppe Utrecht Explore Utrecht 1

De Zwarte Vosch

De Zwarte Vosch is bringing us some Spanish atmosphere at the Oudegracht. The pinchos bar is opening sometime in the third week of August and I for one can’t wait to stop by and try all the tapas and pinchos. They are still busy getting the restaurant ready for the grand opening.

Must-have: opening date the 21th of August. I’m looking forward to trying the batatas bravas.

Address: Oudegracht 48

See all the Explore Utrecht Hotspots on this Google map.

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