What’s more summer than a picnic? At the first ray of sunshine I start to get impatient. Because this dire picnic fanatic wants nothing more than to roll out a picnic blanket and take out the matching tableware in park Lepelenburg. Yes, the entire picnic set is fully matched. It’s that bad! The only thing I’m waiting on is a sultry summer evening for my second picnic adventure. You can of course slave in the kitchen, but it should be fun hey. So we are going to order us a picnic…

3x tasty picnic take out in Utrecht 

Jasmijn & Ik
We begin with the picnic box from Jasmine & Ik. The restaurant, located in Lombok, is known as the best spot for great Asian food. You can also pick up a meal in the restaurant, if you prefer to stay at home on the couch. And recently you can also order a picnic box full of goodies at Jasmijn & Ik. This box is full of delights and is available in two variants: meat/fish and vega. The picnic box is a well-stocked with a’ three course’-menu for two. This is really a case of ‘making life easy’ because also in the box is everything you might need for a park session. Only need to bring a blanket for in the park. You can also enjoy the box at home, so you have no dishes to wash up;-) We really enjoyed the meat/fish-lunch box. Especially the wok dishes were very tasty. Ooh and the chocolate cake with nuts and spekkoek crumbs. Heavenly! And all this for € 39,95! Check the content of the picnic boxes here!

Yoghurt Barn
Located at the Vinkenburgstraat and known for the delicious yogurts treats. The Barn is the place to be for a responsible snack or a cup of good coffee. You can enjoy breakfast, Brunch, lunch and high tea, and all that with yogurts that you order, one of the specials or one of the delicious baked goods. But you can also order a picnic at the Barn, this comes with little baby-yogurts as a base and lots of other goodies next to it. The Yogurt Barn itself is cozy, but take it outside and go enjoy refreshing snacks in the park or anywhere else. Check the link for reservations.

HOOI on the Burgemeester Reigerstraat is the place to be for coffee, tea, juice, breakfast, lunch and snacks. But you can also choose the simple but tasty picnic basket they offer. The basket is filled for two with; a thick sandwich, a croissant with jam and butter, a piece of fruit, oat cake and a fresh smoothie. Of course HOI also provides plates, cups and cutlery. So you don’t need to think of anything to bring. How nice it is to start your day with a chill-session with goodies in the park? You can order on the day itself, but it must be a few hours ahead of time. The Wilhelmina park is within walking distance of HOOI or otherwise you can walk a little further to Lepelenburg park. Or how about breakfast in bed?! Check the link for more info.

I’m sure there are more great picnic baskets to order in Utrecht. Which ones have you ever ordered? With all your tips we can draft a long list to help me through the summer!

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