Take out, take away or carry out..? It all refers to the same thing: ‘Prepared foods purchased at a restaurant to eat elsewhere’!

After a couple of busy days at the office, I spoil myself and get take out. There are several restaurants I go to regularly and these I want to share with you. I like Surinam, Italian, Spanish or just burgers with fries. This list is in no particular order.

Please do share your favourite take out meal or place with me, I’m eager to add more spots to the list.

Restaurant: Moksi
Address: Oudegracht 235 & Servetstraat
Note: My favourite meal to order is roti. But after my third roti order the owner made me try other dishes as well. And so far I haven’t been disappointed. Very friendly owners, good service and you can taste before you order. (Well I can 😉 )

Restaurant: Da Portare Via
Address: Twijnstraat 65 & Voorstraat
Order: Con Salsiccia Piccante
Note: The pizzas are made in a wooden oven, the pizza are thin and crispy. You can also eat your pizza in the small restaurant.

Restaurant: Toko Mitra
Address: Lange Viestraat (inside ‘De Planeet’)
Note: Whatever you like! My tip is to try as much as you can, so have dinner at Toko Mitra as often as you can. Take away a piece of spekkoek. One of the best, if not the best, Indonesian restaurant in Utrecht.

Restaurant: Easzie
Address: Voorstraat
Note: I like the wok with steak and vegetables but there is so much more on the menu. Fast, tasty and easzie! Enough seats to have a quick bite. When you are done you can have a drink at one of the many cafes on the Voorstraat or Neude.

Restaurant: DADO
Address: Nachtegaalstraat 38
Note: Different every time, depends on the menu. I do order the couscous as often as I can. DADO also has a delivery services, for when you really don’t want to leave your house. And do try the deserts!

Restaurant: Ana’s Kuzin
Address: Voorstraat 62
Note: Try as much and as often as you can! Ana’s Kuzin, mothers kitchen in Turkish, is a well know take out restaurant on the Voorstraat. It’s the place to go when you don’t feel like the standard take out cuisine. It’s very hard to resist the sweet deserts on the counter. Don’t even try, just buy some to go with your tea after the take out meal.

Deli: Bigoli
Address: Shoutenstraat 7 & 12
Note: This depends on the menu but I always look to see if they have the chicken wrapped in bacon. Bigoli also has great sandwiches for lunch.

Deli: La Ciabatta
Address: Mariaplaats 8 & Schoutenstraat
Note: At La Ciabatta you can order pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, vegetables, chicken and meat. You can choose from several different side dishes and decide on your own meal. I hear the tiramisu is very tasty.

Restaurant: Meneer Smakers
Address: Nobelstraat 143 & Twijnstraat 62
Note: Mevrouw Smakers and fries is my fave! Best burger place in Utrecht! You can also enjoy your order at the restaurant which is always packed with burger-lovers.

Restaurant: Sweetie
Address: Predikherenstraat 21
Note: Sweetie is a Chinees-Surname restaurant hidden in one of the back streets of the city center. Of course you can have your meal in the restaurant but they offer take out as well. What I usually order: roti, roasted chicken, pork and nasi. YumYum!

Restaurant: Kimmade
Address: Mariastraat 2
Note: Kimmade is the real deal when it comes to Vietnamese street food. Vietnamese food is healthy, tasty and quick. The menu has loads of choice, you can dine at the eatery or takeaway.

Restaurant: Smulders Kookt
Address: Stationsplein (near the escalator)
Note: Smulders Kookt has delicious home made meals that you can buy as soon as you step out of the trein and walk to your bus or bike. Stop by the meals on wheeles and heat up your dinner at home. Easy!

Restaurant: Kippig
Address: Loef Berchmakerstraat 15
Note: If you are a fan of juicy and tasty chicken this is the place to get your take away. The side dishes are also very tasty. On the menu there salad, fries, couscous, home made apple sauce and more.

Recommended by Explore Utrecht readers
I haven’t tried these restaurants yet but I surely will soon enough.

Restaurant: Maria’s biologische Eetwinkel en Catering
Address: Jan van Scorelstraat 15
Note: Organic and healthy food and catering service

Restaurant: Indonesia Asli
Address: Biltstraat 56
Note: received loads of recommendations from readers, so must be good. Great restaurant for Indonesian food: the real deal.

Restaurant: Gastmaal en de Tafel
Address: Giftstraat 1
Note: Fresh made and organic. Also has a restaurant on the Biltstraat.

Restaurant: Babbi Snacks
Address: Voorstraat 76
Note: An Indonesian Fast Food spot yet again. You guys really like to spice it up.

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