What’s SUP? Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. But it is super quirky, sporty and a  trending activity. But what is it really? Stand Up Paddling. You probably have seen them  around on the canals or other pretty waters? People standing on a big, as they call it, SUP  Board on the water, moving forward by using a big  paddle. Well, that’s  it!  It flew over  from Hawaï and is now available in our own Domstad town. For instance at SUP School Domstad.  So get yourself in a wetsuit, shoes on and off you go. Training will be held at  the old Wood mill in Lombok, so that’s starting of easy. Only the waterfowl will be in  your way.  I’ve also seen the paddlers on the waters near Lepelenburg park. And if you  really want to be in the spotlight, then you should SUP trough the Oudegracht canal in  your tight suit. Success guaranteed!

Getting curious? And getting excited to learn this watersport? Then you ought to take a  look at the following Facebook pages:

Are you more into nature and quiet sceneries while paddling? You can also go to  Loosdrecht or  Ijsselstein. Both somewhat further away,  but greener! Paddle away!

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